November 15

Hope Nation Radio Founder Nile Peaytt Lends His Voice and Talent to His New Radio Shows

Nile “Big Daddy” Peaytt of Hope Nation Radio (HNR) has recently launched two brand new weekly syndicated radio shows, 90’s Country Flashback and 615 The Grind. ’90s Country Flashback focuses on playing the best country hits from the ’90s.

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While, 615 The Grind is geared towards today’s country, new country artists and country news. Though the shows have only been around for a short amount of time, both have already been picked up internationally.

90’s Country Flashback has seen success in Dublin, Ireland, where it has been picked up on Total Country FM (listen online via TuneIn) on Tuesdays at 6 PM, Wednesdays at 7 AM, Thursdays at 1 PM, and Sundays at 6 PM (GMT). Nile says:
“I love doing this show! These artists blazed a trail and their music set the charts on fire. 90’s country was something special.”
615 The Grind has been successfully added on The Wolf Australia, the only Australian radio station dedicated to playing new country music. This show which airs every Tuesday at 6:15 PM Sydney/Melbourne time brings fans the latest and greatest country straight from Nashville.

Hope Nation Radio and its Expansions

This station adds another country to Nile’s list of international expansions.
“Sydney has been a HUGE supporter for Hope Nation Radio over the years. So, it’s very special that this syndicated show got picked up in Sydney. Great market, great listeners, and just can’t wait to bring them the best in today’s country.”
Both shows have also been picked up in London and Luxembourg. London listeners can tune in to Sunshine Radio UK. 615 The Grind airs Tuesdays at 5 PM (GMT) and 90’s Country Flashback airs Mondays at 5 PM (GMT). Fans can also tune in to 94.7FM Gilsdorf, the one and only country radio station in Luxembourg.
They recently just added 615 The Grind and 90’s Country Flashback airs on Thursdays at 7 PM (GMT+1) and can be live-streamed at
“By doing these shows overseas, we have a chance to bring a taste of Nashville to places that are hungry for country music. Having a chance to be that voice means the world to me. We’re about to paint the world redneck.”
These international successes fall right on the heels of Hope Nation Radio’s expansion this past September into West Virginia. However, the growing buzz around HNR and the success of Nile’s syndicated shows have not deterred the benevolent station from continuing their many awareness campaigns.
Listeners and followers of HNR can still keep up with their Kid of the Month, Artist Spotlight, charitable events and much more at their official website, as well as on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube.


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