A divorce is a tragic event in one’s life. It doesn’t only affect one person, but the whole family. The worst part is when you still love each other but couldn’t get to admit what you feel to yourself and to the other person. This situation that occurs in some people’s life is portrayed in Reba McEntire’s song “Every Other Weekend.” The love, the pain, the denial, everything is captured in this song. And if you are in the same situation as the characters in Reba’s single, you’ll definitely know how they feel.

Reba McEntire’s “Every Other Weekend” with Kenny Chesney and Skip Ewing

“Every Other Weekend” is a country song written by Skip Ewing and Connie Harrington. It was recorded by McEntire and Kenny Chesney for the album Reba Duets. The song was released from the album as a single in 2008, and in this version, McEntire collaborated with Ewing, the songwriter. “Every Other Weekend” has reached number fifteen on the Hot Country Songs chart. Furthermore, it placed at number four on the Bubbling Under 100 singles.

Reba McEntire
Photo Credit: Reba McEntire/ Official Facebook Page

The Two Versions

When the music video was released, they used the version of McEntire and Chesney. Both versions received mixed criticisms but both Chesney and Ewing were praised for their vocals.

The Song’s Content

The song tells the story of two people who had divorced and shared custody with their children. They see their kids every other weekend but every time one goes to drop the kids to another’s house they have this lingering feeling inside of them. They couldn’t admit to one another that they still love each other. Instead, they pretend that nothing is going on.

I can’t tell her I love her

I can’t tell him I love him

Cause there’s too many questions and ears in the car

So, I don’t tell him I miss him

I don’t tell her I need her

Reba McEntire’s Album

Aside from her singles released from her album that has entered the chart, Reba Duets also made an appearance on the top of the country chart. It also reached number one on the Digital Album and Billboard 200 chart.

Here’s Reba McEntire’s “Every Other Weekend.”