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Faith Hill Pays Tribute to Her Mother with Gospel Hit “Come to Jesus”

Faith Hill, country music star, honors her mother with gospel hit “Come to Jesus,” a song from her album Deep Tracks. The album served as the singer’s final LP for Nashville’s Warner Bros. label.

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Behind Faith Hill’s “Come to Jesus”

This song was penned by Mindy Smith. This was to honor her mother, Edna Perry, who passed away in October 2016. She had this to say about her song:

“Mom often asked if I would ever get around to recording a gospel album. That’s all she wanted to hear me sing. I’m thankful that she was able to hear this song before she took a seat on the glory train. This is ‘Come to Jesus’ dedicated to my mom.”

Incidentally, this song was also very special to Faith Hill’s husband, Tim McGraw. The country icon’s father was battling brain cancer, and Faith performed her rough cut of the song.

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You can tell that this song was monumental for both country singers, as they both used it to overcome grief in the passing away of their loved ones.

It is also interesting to note that Mindy, the songwriter, first released the as her second single. Then the song was pitched to Faith Hill to be part of her gospel album. This was Mindy’s biggest hit that charted at number 32 on Billboard’s top 40 tallies.

Lyrics Breakdown

Oh, my baby, when you’re prayin’
Leave your burden by my door
You have Jesus standing at your bedside
To keep you calm, to keep you safe, away from harm

Music has a unique way of inspiring us and making us strong. The song intends to do that by reminding us that we will always have Jesus by our side. As long as we pray and we are consistent with our faith in Him, we can overcome the problems that are thrown our way. “Come to Jesus” is a perfect example of how a song can uplift us when we are feeling down.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are both amazing artists, and we thank them for continuing to make music that strengthens our faith in the Lord.

Learn more about Faith Hill’s song here:


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