January 28

Positivity in Reaching Your Dreams in Elvis Presley’s “Follow That Dream”

When you have a goal or a dream, it is right to follow and achieve it no matter what.

The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, recorded “Follow That Dream” in his EP album of the same name. The track was also featured in the soundtrack for the movie Follow That Dream which he starred in.

Because of the song’s positivity, Bruce Springsteen performed a rearranged version of “Follow That Dream” at a slower pace, unlike Elvis’s original version.

The track, written by Ben Weisman and Fred Wise, took the 15th spot on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Meaning Behind the Song

“Follow That Dream” is among Elvis Presley’s songs with an optimistic perspective on life.

The song’s lyrics motivate the listeners to chase their dream and keep moving along.

The first part of the song mentions that Elvis Presley has to follow that dream and keep moving along. He has to follow his dream wherever his dream will lead him and find the love he needs.

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While we chase our heart’s desires, we might encounter a few problems. These problems can question our worth, abilities, and capacity, yet we will most definitely make it through when we ground ourselves in the dream. The road might be rough, yet all will be worth it when we reach our destination.

The lyrics of “Follow That Dream” also suggest taking a breather when things get tough. The song mentions moving along when the heart is restless and singing a song when it gets weary. The journey to reaching the goal is challenging, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with resting when you become too tired.

Listen to Elvis Presley’s “Follow That Dream” below.


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