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11 Chicken Breeds That Lay Lots Of Eggs

Fun fact: There are chicken breeds that lay lots of eggs more than the average in the market.

Having your own chicken for eggs is ideal nowadays. Whatever the size of your backyard, it’s better to utilize it for raising your chicken and poultry so you’ll be able to save not only money but also time falling in line in the grocery as well. Most beginners don’t know about the vast impact breeding chicken can have. Heck, it’s one of the most life-changing things you can do.

If you’re thinking of getting your own chicken, check out the list below.

1. Ameraucana Chicken

One of the rare chicken breeds globally, Ameraucana is known as the “Easter Egg Chicken” because of how big its egg production – an impressive 250 eggs annually. It originated in vast South America and was named after Araucanian Indians from Chile. Likewise, its eggs have a bluish-green color. Some eggs were said to be even glowing in the bluish shade. A significant number of beautiful eggs, what more could you ask for?

2. White Leghorn

Laying eggs when they’re only 16 to 17 weeks old is an advantage for a White Leghorn. It’s a go-to breed for poultry farmers because of the 280 large, white eggs it produces each year. Believe it or not, this chicken breed likes to be pampered. They love staying warm and consuming enough food and water. Also, they prefer to be coop birds, but during summer, they prefer doing free-range. The only downer for this chicken breed is that they can’t handle the cold or changes very well. If in comparison to a human, they are shy and nervous fellows.

3. Hybrid

You can find a black chicken among the different hybrid breeds as they’re all unique. Nevertheless, their power to lay lots of eggs is equal no matter what color they are. Hybrids are totally low-maintenance with their small appetite, which makes them cheaper to feed. You should not worry about the eggs as they can lay around 280 eggs every year. The eggs are medium-sized and have a brown shade.

4. Bresse Gauloise

One of the oldest French chicken breeds, Bresse Gauloise, or better known as La Gauloise, is wanted by enthusiasts and breeders worldwide. However, don’t expect too much on its meat, but more of on its eggs. If you opt to raise this breed, remember that sometimes it can’t be easily kept in your backyard. Some of these birds love running around free. They have a good reputation for quickly growing and laying eggs as early as 16 weeks.

Furthermore, it’s a domestic breed in France, and the region of Bresse is the one that has enjoyed for many decades the high reputation of this chicken breed. Owners of Bresse Gauloise find them surprisingly flighty, jumpy, and tetchy. The bird has a large appetite, and when they are chicks, they’re known as bullies because of their size.

5. Australorp Chicken

Dominant with black chicken with its comb and wattle are the only red things, an Australorp chicken originated in Australia. In 1920, it was discovered that it has deep roots in the Orpington breed, which gave it the name “Austral Orpington Club.” The fantastic side of this chicken breed is its capacity to produce an unbelievable number of 364 eggs in 365 days!

Australorp breed varies in three colors – blue, white, and black. Among the three colors, the blue one is the rarest. And in addition to being very active, their rapid growth rate is a plus brownie point for breeders as they have proven how suitable they are for a livestock market.

6. Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red is a great chicken breed that produces a lot of eggs. Many breeders make sure they have this bird in their backyard because of how easy it is to handle and care for. It actually produces 260 eggs each year, definitely not bad if you’re thinking of having one in your own house. You can even sell the excess eggs among your neighbors. 

Another reason to breed a Rhode Island Red is the hassle-free penning and excellent foraging of this bird. Nonetheless, they have their own bad behavior, like getting quite hardy and gets bossy at times, most especially when they are more significant than other chickens.

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7. Sussex

Like the Rhode Island Red, Sussex is also incredible in laying a lot of eggs and its meat. You can expect 250 eggs a year for the eggs and vary in color from dark brown to creamy white. It also has eight different colors that are evident when they’re a full-grown adult, and the most common is the chicken with a pure white body yet has a black neck and tail feathers. 

8. Lohmann Brown Classic

The most widespread breed of excellent egg-laying chickens in the world is the Lohmann Brown Classic. It’s not a rare bird as it raises all around the world. You may even have eaten one of its produce eggs. Moreover, it has a diminutive stature and weighs only 2 kilograms at most. It doesn’t need a lot of feeding, but a little care goes a long way for this chicken breed. If you raise it right, you’ll get to have up to 313 eggs produced annually.

9. Golden Laced Wyandottes

The Golden Laced Wyandottes produce huge eggs, which are enough for many household needs. They’re great as pet chickens, too, as their breed is known to be gentle and calm with a docile temperament. With a gorgeous color, they are one of the few chickens who are considered beautiful and excellent at foraging. The only downside for these birds is that they can be a bit broody. If you opt to have a Golden Laced Wyandottes, you can have 200 eggs each year.

10. Barred Plymouth Rock

Friendly, sweet, and kind to everyone – that’s what a Barred Plymouth Rock’s personality. This chicken breed is excellent with children, which is why you need to have one in your backyard. If someone’s allergic to cats or dogs in your family, you can try keeping a Barred Plymouth Rock as a pet. You’re actually hitting two birds with one stone if you do.

In addition to its fantastic foraging, they’re unique in inlaying 280 eggs in a year. Peach or light brown, both varieties are friendly not only to people but to other breeds too. The females will start laying eggs when they’re between 18 and 22 weeks old.

11. Hamburg

A native in Germany, Hamburg (also spelled Hamburgh) is an attractive chicken breed. One lays 200 eggs every year, which will be small to medium with a glossy white shell. The only downer for raising a Hamburg is that they can be a little aggressive when kept in a small space, so you need to let it roam around and be a free-range chicken.

Many chicken breeds lay lots of eggs, but our ultimate tip for you is to assess the environment and space you have before choosing one. In the end, whatever chicken breed you decide to own will definitely give you surprising benefits more than producing eggs.

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