December 3

Down on One Knee: Jake Owen Proposed to Erica Hartlein

The wedding bells are soon to chime as Jake Owen finally popped the big question on one knee to his three-year girlfriend Erica Hartlein. The answer? Of course, he received her sweet ‘yes’!

Not His Happily Ever After

For Jake Owen, trying for the second time in love is a bit hard following his divorce a few years back. He met his ex-wife Lacey Buchanan on the set of his ‘8 Second Ride’ music video in 2009. Buchanan bore his first child Pearl on Thanksgiving (November 22) 2012. Their marriage was torn apart after three years of being together. They took care of all the formalities by the end of 2015.

Ready for the Next Chapter

Now, Jake Owen is ready to tell another story when he announced his engagement via his Instagram story on November 30. It initially looked like that he, his girlfriend Erica Hartlein, and their daughter Paris were just out for a night stroll filled with bright smiles. But fans just couldn’t miss a particular detail where Erica is wearing a large, sparkling diamond ring. In a follow-up story which he fancily captioned ‘Dat durrrrty knee’ was the giveaway that he did really propose.

Their story began in 2017 when Owen met Hartlein as an interior designer wanting to ‘buy a couch or something’. Owen shared how he got so intrigued by her personality. He said that he had known no one with such a degree of confidence.

At first, he just let things slide but soon found himself back in the store a few weeks later. He invited her out for a beer. Owen was aware that dropping such an unprofessional question in her professional workplace doesn’t actually fit, but he just dropped all logic.

Jake Owen first revealed their relationship in ACM awards 2018 and it was surprising for most people. In late April of 2019, they welcomed Paris, Erica Hartlein’s first and Jake Owen’s second child. The wedding plans, however, had not been revealed to the public. Still, it’s always nice to know that they are finally ready to exchange their vows.

Did you know? Jake Owen’s recently released single ‘Made For You’ is dedicated to his girlfriend and two daughters? Listen to it now through online streaming platforms.


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