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Watch The Marfa Tapes Performed Live by Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram, and Jon Randall on Austin City Limits 2021

Last October 2, country superstar Miranda Lambert together with longtime friends and fellow songwriters Jack Ingram and Jon Randall, star on Austin City Limits (ACL). The songwriters’ trio performed an hour-long session of live acoustic – 13 songs from their acclaimed collaborative stripped-down album The Marfa Tapes – to kickstart ACL’s 47th season. And in between tracks, the trio also shared short stories of the moments that inspired each song.

Let’s rewatch the highlights of their performance.

“Am I Right or Amarillo?”

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Seated on their stools wearing coordinated cowboy hats and jackets, the trio strummed guitars and harmonized to “Am I Right or Amarillo.” Led by Randall, this song dubbed as the country-cheater anthem definitely took the live audience, as well as everyone watching the broadcast, back to Amarillo, Texas. And as Ingram and Lambert laughingly said before they started, there will always be that moment where we feel like we’ve been stuck in Amarillo, and it’s okay to admit it.

“In His Arms”

Before playing their next song, the longtime friends took some good time reminiscing their friendship. Lambert shared how she has been seeing Ingram perform since she was 15 and of course, her good friend Randall whom she met years ago and described as an angel with an angelic voice. She was definitely very grateful for the opportunity to write, record, and perform with them.

Then Lambert went on to introduce the love song “In His Arms,” which they had written while watching the Marfa sunset and talking about the people they don’t know and people they wanna know.


Lambert opened up how there was one girl that they had to talk about, to which Ingram and Randall agreed, saying that she was worth talking and writing about. The trio was referencing their song “Geraldene,” a girl they made up or, as Lambert rhetorically asked: “Is she?”

And then, on cue with the skillful playing of Randall and Ingram, Lambert took on the mic and owned the stage as she delivered every lyric. 

ACL airs weekly on PBS, and full episodes are made available for online streaming at immediately after the initial broadcast. 

Episode Setlist:

  • Two-Step Down to Texas
  • Am I Right or Amarillo
  • Ghost
  • Anchor
  • In His Arms
  • Tin Man
  • Waxahachie
  • Geraldene
  • Wind’s Just Gonna Blow
  • Amazing Grace – West Texas
  • I Don’t Like It 
  • We’ll Always Have the Blues
  • Tequila Does


Jack Ingram, Jon Randall, Miranda Lambert

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