July 10

Prepare To Get Your Heart Broken As Charley Pride Sings “Where Do I Put Her Memory”

In 1979, Charley Pride released “Where Do I Put Her Memory” as the third single off his album Burgers and Fries/When I Stop Leaving (I’ll Be Gone). It went on becoming another No. 1 country hit for Pride as it climbed atop Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, where it remained on top for the entire week.

Since then, it became one of the most notable Charley Pride songs.

Story Behind The Song

Written by Jim Weatherly, “Where Do I Put Her Memory” tells the story of a man left behind by his lover. He tried to move on from the pain and sorrow by throwing away all the things that belonged to her. However, there’s one thing he can’t get rid of – and those are the delightful and nostalgic memories he had with her.

He wrote the song while visiting his mother at her home in Mississippi. While looking around the place to see if there’s anything that might help him lock into a song, he noticed pictures and a chest of drawers. He realized these were the kind of things that you could throw out, but something you can never do away with from your memory.

That’s when the song came to life!

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Meanwhile, Charley Pride – who already has a string of country No. 1 hits – never imagined “Where Do I Put Her Memory” as a single. However, during one recording session, the country star found himself not satisfied with the few songs he had just recorded. 

So, he went back and listened to some of the earlier songs he had done and picked up “Where Do I Put Her Memory.” With a couple of minor touch-ups, the track was made.

Make sure to listen to “Where Do I Put Her Memory” in the video below.


Charley Pride

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