March 20

Reba McEntire’s Newest Single “Tammy Wynette Kind of Pain”

Reba McEntire paints us a picture of a terrible breakup in her newly released single from her upcoming album Stronger Than the Truth.

reba mcentire tammy wynette kind of pain stronger than the truth
Photo Credit: Stronger Than the Truth Album Cover/ Official Facebook Page

Tammy Wynette’s Songs in “Tammy Wynette Kind of Pain”

“Tammy Wynette Kind of Pain” is a pure country song that McEntire recently released. The lines in the song included the classic songs of Tammy Wynette, who is known to record heartbreaking songs.

McEntire’s single included lines from the songs “D-I-V-O-R-C-E,” “Til I Can Make it on My Own,” and “Stand by Your Man.”

Standing by your man
That’s a broken plan
When he breaks your heart and all your trust
With his two cheating hands
So it’s D-I-V-O-R-C-E

Why Reba McEntire Liked the Song

The song was penned by Brandy Clark, Mark Narmore, and Shelley Skidmore. When it was given to McEntire, she was instantly captivated by the song. It is the kind of song she wanted for her upcoming album. She wanted her new record to be pure country, nothing else.

“This is what I was looking for when I said my next album is gonna be stone cold country. This is it.”

All About the Song

In her latest song, McEntire’s narrator associated the pain she felt from a cheating lover to the pain Wynette felt in her songs. The narrator struggles to smile and pretend that everything is fine but, the heartache is causing her more pain than she has ever felt before.

This ain’t a little mascara running down my cheek
And this ain’t a little scratch that’ll heal in a couple of weeks
This is more than a little smile I’m having to fake
’Cause this ain’t no little girl heartache

Upcoming Album

McEntire’s new album Stronger Than the Truth will be released this coming April. She has already teased us with three songs from her album, “Stronger Than the Truth,” “In His Mind,” and “No U in Oklahoma.” In addition, McEntire will host the ACM Awards this April 7.

Reba McEntire Stronger than Truth Tammy Wynette Kind of Pain
Photo Credit: Reba McEntire/ Cliff Lipson/ CB

Check out her Facebook page for updates on her upcoming album.


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