March 27

Reminiscing Gordon Stoker and the Jordanaires


They are one of the most successful acts in country music due to their exceptional talent and vocal harmony. On this day, we remember them as we commemorate the death anniversary of one of the former members of the Jordanaires, Gordon Stoker. They might not be around anymore but their legacy will always be remembered.

Gordon Stoker, the Jordanaires
Photo Credits: Youtube

Gordon Stoker and the Jordanaires

He was born on August 3, 1942, in Gleason, Tennessee. In 1949, Gordon Stoker joined the vocal group the Jordanaires. When he joined the group, Stoker was originally hired as a pianist. But in 1951, when they evolved as a vocal group, he was asked to take the tenor vocals. Moreover, with the change in their style, the group was able to attract more audience and fans, especially gospel enthusiasts. Further, with their superb harmony, the group was given a chance to work with big names in the industry. They were able to work with Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, and Loretta Lynn.

Gordon Stoker, the Jordanaires
Photo Credits: Billboard.com

Furthermore, their biggest and longest works were with Elvis Presley because they appeared in most of his hits and films. I guess the King of Rock and Roll loved their passion and dedication toward work. Anyway, with the group’s success, they were included in the Grand Ole Opry, Americas longest running radio station. In 2001, the Jordanaires was also included in the Country Music Hall of Fame and they really deserved that spot.

Reminiscing One of the Great Singers

Gordon Stoker was a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame due to his superb vocals. His journey ended at the age of 88. Even though he is not around anymore, his works and contribution to the industry will still be remembered especially by those people who loved him and remembered how good he was when he was still alive.


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