February 13

Not Your Average Hollywood Love Stories: Joey + Rory, Alan & Denise

We’re all trapped in a time where divorces are common, with or without Hollywood promulgating the culture. Even worse, love between two beings that has become a misnomer to hook-ups. But, let’s not drown ourselves in self-pity bemoaning our nation’s doom due to the downgrade of morality.  Let’s direct our focus, instead, on promoting the good we’re seeing as modeled by the lives of some of our favorite Country artists.

Never Taking their Wedding Rings Off: Rory Remains Faithful to Joey

Posted by Joey & Rory Tribute Page on Friday, December 7, 2018

Even before their official debut as Country music duo, Joey and Rory have charmed the masses with their unadulterated love. Now that Joey’s out of the picture, most would expect Rory to do the predictable; have time to recover, let go, and maybe start anew with another love. Well, Rory’s the man for the job to not agree with our temporal facts of life.

While weddings rings are merely symbolic, Rory’s determined to keep his as a statement that he’ll always be happily married to his late wife Joey. Without blinking, he’s not embarrassed to tell interviewers and those who follow his blog that despite Joey’s physical absence, her presence is still tangibly felt in the family.  As weird as this may sound, Joey reportedly wore her wedding ring to her burial place. The gesture defies the traditional vow of “till death do us part.” Theirs is “for the rest of each other’s lifetime and for all eternity.”

The Love Triangle: God at the Center of Alan and Denise’ Marriage

Celebrating 38 years today and still livin' on love….

Posted by Alan Jackson on Friday, December 15, 2017

For the umpteenth time, we’re highlighting Alan and Denise Jackson’s story of marriage break-up and reconciliation. For those who have read Denise’s book, “It’s All About Him,” their story is a powerful example to illustrate the Christian version for “love triangle.” Realistically speaking, even the most fervent affection between a husband and a wife fades over time. Rather than using that as an excuse to want out, Christian values teach an alternative.

The Love Triangle ©oldlife.org
The Love Triangle ©oldlife.org

Now in their 40th year of marriage, Alan and Denise are more committed to not just stay married but to work it out.

“We learned that if a relationship’s going to be good, you have to make it a priority ”
denise jackson, The Boot


“I don’t care if it’s somebody that seems compatible or your soul mate.You have to work at it all the time. I always find that most times you treat strangers nicer than you do somebody that’s close to you, and if you learn to do that, that makes a big difference.” – Alan Jackson, The Boot

In 2012, Alan Jackson released a very emotional song dedicated to Denise two years after she was diagnosed with cancer. He wanted to be a “post his wife could lean on”  in one of her most trying times. With unwavering support and prayers, Denise soon received her healing and declared cancer free.


Alan Jackson, Denise Jackson, Joey+Rory

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