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Joey + Rory: A Heritage from the Lord to Our Country Music World

What a tremendous privilege on that we were made witnesses of the love and life of this country duo sensation, Joey + Rory! Stay with us as we trace back their beginnings and their overwhelming influence not just for the Country Music world, but to the redeeming of America’s godly values and culture.

Remember When… the Duet of a Lifetime

We’ve seen them rise to stardom in the “Can You Duet?” show. Little did we know that we’re being made eye-witnesses to the beauty of souls committed to loving each other on and off cam. More than winning competitions and hitting gold with their recordings, they were, perhaps, made famous by their pure and unadulterated love.

According to The Fame’s report, the couple opted for their romance be done the good ole’ – fashioned way. After a short period of courting and dating, Rory asked for Joey’s father’s blessings. Joey’s dad was a little hesitant, but eventually gave her daughter’s hand-in-marriage.  Not a bad choice as Rory had proven that he is a decent man when he and Joey waited until their wedding night before consummating their marriage.

Both, having the same passion for music, off they went to chase their dreams of leaving their marks in Country music. Below is their entry video submitted for the “Can You Duet?” Though home-made, their honesty and intimacy evident in the clips easily won the favor of many spectators. Plus, you’ll surely love their mini-stories about each other: Joey was the singer, and Rory, her song.

Rory and Joey Feek: A Picture of a God- Scripted Love Story

In June 2002, Rory and Joey tied the knot. In 2008, the lovebirds auditioned for CMT’s “Can You Duet?” which served as the duo’s springboard to stardom.

On February 4, 2014, daughter Indiana (Indie) was born. A few days after the birth of their bundle of joy, the news about Indie’s Down syndrome came like a blanket of sadness. Three months later, the Feeks made a public announcement that Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer. For two years, Rory kept hanging on to hope as Joey bravely fought cancer. Then came March of 2016, Joey went home to glory.

A year after Joey slept, Rory shared to the world through Today’s interview how much of his wife’s memories remained that her presence felt tangible in every room of their farmhouse. Rory’s unashamed to proclaim that even at the passing of his other half, he’ll remain married to Joey. Not wanting to dwell in grief, his best coping mechanism is in doing the chores that his late wife used to do.

“I don’t spend a lot of time regretting or wishing things were different. I’m busy making oatmeal and giving baths.”

Joey Feek: She did Not Stop Living

We’ve seen some clips of Joey in hospice care. Of course, there were times she cried, but often, she’s all smiles. Her smiles were not because of the knowledge that she’s being filmed. Rather, it’s the joy flowing like a fountain in her heart that radiates in her. Such demeanor, understandably, cause people to be amazed and to admire her courage. Ask Rory, and he’ll say to Joey that “love” is a greater word than “cancer.” And he’s right. Joey in her last films, despite weight and hair loss, has looked the best in love.

In his blog, Rory revealed how Joey only wanted to be remembered as a “singer of songs,” “a devoted “wife” and a “loving mother.” Seeing their story shared online, people followed their journey. Somehow, they talked and came to a challenge about how much they can share to the world. God made a choice for them and brought them more stories for sharing. All their joys and their pains were turned into a thing of beauty – the versatility of the human spirit that’s yielded to God.

Hence, in our eyes, Joey will not be remembered as a Cancer Patient. Rather, she’ll be remembered as the embodiment of perfect and unfading beauty. See you up there in Heaven Joey!

Rory Feek: The Man Immovable by Tragedy

Two years passed by quickly since Joey was laid to rest. Rory, much as he’s still feeling the pain of losing his dear wife, is decisive to continue living a great story. Reminiscing the first day of Joey’s funeral, he put in a film the part when The Isaac’s sang “It is Well with My Soul.” Every word clearly resonated to Rory. His life does not just go on as usual. It’s going well. All is well for him and his family.

Indiana, the youngest, grows steadily and is a very bubbly character. As for his older daughters, Heidie and Hopie, they now reside in Florence, Alabama. Occasionally though, they visit their dad and Indie. The highlight of their visits is none other than the celebration of their mother’s life.

“Even when we think it shouldn’t… life goes on as it must.  And God’s hand is always upon it.” 

As for Rory’s musical career, he has not written much. He remained active in barn concerts though. Without hesitation, Rory purposely had a LED wall behind him during concerts. He wanted to continue sharing his and Joey’s family memories to the world. Rory well remembered the time they asked God to give them a good story. He did, and theirs is a story worth telling and spreading.

Love Never Fails

More than a husband and wife singing in tandem, none would forget their extraordinary demonstration of a God-centered love. Theirs is a proof that one can experience the kind of love that’s better than those seen in the movies. Their love was selfless, generous, and never gives up. During Joey’s memorial service, Rory said that he and Joey did not claim they understood well why they must go through many sufferings and to face the threat of being parted by death. All they know is that true love means to not stop trusting God with their circumstances. That’s faith.

Rory and Joey Feek: Living Examples of an Undying Hope

There came a time when both Rory and Joey agreed to stop her medication as they do not see any progress with her treatments. They, however, had something that’s more promising – the answer to their long-time prayer that they may live a good life. So instead of merely showing their joys, they went for transparency. Joey willingly shared her last days of earthly existence – her difficulties, frailty, and all.

Most may have felt sorry for her. People mean well with their kind words and wishes for her recovery. Seeing further though, seasoned Christians understood what was happening.

A woman of faith herself, Joey demonstrated that death isn’t something Christians fear. She knew what was coming and she’s ready for it. It may cause physical separation between people and their loved ones, but that’s only temporary. We’ve always had the assurance of a grand homecoming and reunion in heaven. Furthermore, it can never sever faith, hope, and love. These are way more powerful than the sting of death.

Something “Good” in Goodbye

Safe and warm in their farmhouse, Joey took the time to write letters for her parents, her sister, and daughters, Heidi and Hopie. All took their time before they finally had enough courage to read Joey’s last words for each. Hopie, still clinging to her mother’s memories, couldn’t bring herself to open Joey’s words of love. To her, opening the letter is akin to saying goodbye to Joey.

Rory, on the other hand, received a living letter – their daughter, Indiana. Her smiles and squeals of joy daily reflect that Joey has not left Rory. Through Indie, Rory will hear Joey daily speaking to him, hugging and kissing him be it morn or eve. The word “goodbye” then took on a different nuance. There’s no real “parting” and “leaving.” There’s just the birthing of a new beginning and a fresh start.

Where there’s Love, Two Years is a Lifetime

Born in 2014, Indiana Feek is now in her 4th year of life. God has been generous to grant two years for Joey to have the bliss of motherhood. While two years may seem too short, Joey had it well-spent. Great chronicler that he is, husband Rory did not fail to capture those mother-daughter moments.

Aside from his blog site and Facebook, Rory loves to post raw vids and pics of Indie on Instagram.Watch this candid catch of adorable Indie singing along with her mama’s recording of “He Touched Me” at the backseat of the car.

In addition, there was even a picture taken of Indie baking just like her mom. Rory captioned it saying that it’s Joey’s Chocolate Zucchini recipe that he and little Indie were making.

Indiana’s growing up before our eyes, and we already see more of Joey’s marks in her. For only two years, everything that she is was poured into Indiana. More than that, she is Joey’s love incarnate.

Passion Burns Within and is Unquenchable

The ride to a meaningful life is indeed bumpy and more often than not, quite scary. Initially, it was Joey who dreamed of making it Big someday in the music industry. She did try her luck as a solo artist, but it didn’t make much of an impact until Rory. Ever the supportive husband and a songwriter with great potential, the couple made it to the limelight. Joey’s dream finally came true.

Now that his precious wife’s gone into glory, Rory thought of retirement. He, however, continues to write about their lives. Still full of inspirations, Rory wrote three books (THE COW SAID NEIGH, ONCE UPON A FARM, and THIS LIFE I LIVE) and they’re all out in the market. Be sure to grab your copies!

And just when he decided not to perform on stage again, in steps Rory’s new partners: his daughters. His first daughter, Heidi, and her husband Dillon were both emerging musicians. They’ve made an awesome collaboration with the song, “Boomerang.”

Of course, little Indiana won’t want to be left behind, either. While her daddy’s performing onstage, she would go up to him. Few more years and we’ll be seeing a father-daughter tandem.

Interesting Trivia about Indiana “Boon” Feek’s Name

Prior to the birth of their precious little ones, our beloved singing couple made a firm decision that they’ll name their child, ”Indiana Boon” regardless of the baby’s sex.

They chose the first name based on the fact that Joey’s from Alexandria, Indiana and Rory’s all-time favorite films (“Hoosiers” and “Rudy”), were both shot in the same state. Moreover, the word “Indiana” means “the land of the Indians.” Rory Feek himself affirmed his and Joey’s American Indian lineage. That’s easily seen in Joey’s features, but Rory? Well, no need to investigate further, folks. Rory said that it’s his Irish blood that was more dominant. He, however, is legitimate of the Native American descent.

Joey and Rory were essentially making a statement of solidarity to their ancestry through the naming of their youngest daughter, “Indiana.”

As for the second name, “Boon,” Rory explained that they took it from the poem etched on a little boy’s epitaph from a small cemetery in their field. His parents affectionately called him their “precious Boon.” Rory loved the poem and to honor the little boy’s memory, he and Joey thought it best to add “Boon”  as Indie’s second name.

“Easter” is Joey Feek’s Favorite Holiday

More than seeing the end of the winter season and the blossoming of life in spring, Rory remembers his wife as someone unable to contain herself from crying at the memory of Jesus’ sacrificial love for humanity. Hence, her love for “Easter.”  From the Christian perspective, “Easter” points to the time when Jesus rose triumphant over the power of sin and death. Thus, setting an example for all his disciples to follow.

To date, the couple released a total of 8 albums including 1 Gospel album called, “Hymn That Are Important to Us.” Among the 13 inspirational and faith-filled songs featured in this site were “In the Garden,” “I’ll Fly Away,” “Are You Washed in the Blood,” and “The Preacher and the Stranger.”


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