October 23

Marriage is All About Him (God): Hear it from Alan and Denise

It’s All About Him– a song written by Alan and included in his 2016 gospel album called Precious Memories Collections. This was following the autobiography of Denise Jackson, Alan’s wife of 38 years.

The song bores the title of Denise’s book; It’s All About Him (Finding the Love of my Life). When asked about the song, Alan simply said,

“Inspired by Denise’s strength and ability [in writing her book], I sat down and wrote a song of the same title hoping to add musically to an already uplifting story.”

Indeed, Denise’s autobiography will give you a real perspective on how she and Alan managed to keep their marriage through the years of celebrity pressure and commitment issues. It was not through their own ability (they separated once), but by the grace of God.

Denise learned to not give up on her husband (a feat that most women won’t put up). Being a woman of faith, she let love and forgiveness won in the end. God was part of their marital covenant, and that common faith for him fueled their desire to not break covenant despite their marital crisis.

As her book and Alan’s song say, “It’s all about Him,” meaning it is for God’s sake that they renewed their vows for each other and that they continued to keep living a life pleasing to Him.

“We’ve learned in hard ways what is truly important: the priority of faith and family and the ties that bind us to the God who is always faithful, even when we are not.”

“That’s why I’ve felt that perhaps it’s time to share some of our journey. I don’t know why you’ve picked up this book. You may be a fan of Alan’s, and you’re curious about his private life. Or maybe you’ve never heard of Alan Jackson and couldn’t care less about country music … but you’re curious about how God really works in people’s lives, and how He might change yours.”
(Excerpts from her book)

Both were fellow long-time Christians and their story is one among the many reminders that being a Christian does not make us temptation-proof. At the height of fame and wealth, we tend to forget God and to even stray away from him. Yet, he keeps forgiving and always offers grace. And like him, we also need to give both to those who wronged us. These elements saved Alan and Denise’s marriage. Also, their honesty and courage to let out their struggles in the open are admirable.


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