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Not a Typical Birthday Song: Conway Twitty’s “Happy Birthday Darlin’”

Not a Typical Birthday Song: Conway Twitty’s "Happy Birthday Darlin’" 1

This three-minute-long birthday song is the best song that a woman would ever wish on her birthday.

Written by Chuck Howard and recorded by Conway Twitty, Happy Birthday Darlin’ was released in October 1979 as the third and final single from his album Cross Winds.

Happy Birthday Darlin’ was Conway Twitty’s 23rd number one on the country chart as a solo artist. The single stayed at number one for three weeks and spent a total of 11 weeks on the country chart.

Not Your Typical Birthday Song

In contrast with the birthday songs that are commonly sung on birthdays, this song focuses more on the romantic side rather than its celebratory theme.

The song begins with the spoken lyric, “Hello, Darlin’”, calling back to Twitty’s hit. The song otherwise tells a narrative through the eyes of a man who vows to right a number of wrongs in his relationship.

It is about a man who decides not to give a material gift to his woman. Instead of giving his wife a present for her birthday, he chooses to give her things that money can’t buy. In effect, he tries to take things away from her, like worry and doubt about their relationship. In addition, he promises to spend more time with her and be more romantic.


Surely, Conway Twitty translated this birthday message into a romantic music. It is very evident in the words and lyrics of this Twitty classic. Indeed, Conway showed his prowess in poetry through this song.

Here are some of the lyrics of the song that show both celebration and romance.

Hello darlin’ happy birthday
I’ve decided not to give you a present this year
In fact I think it’s about time I took some things away
I’d like to take away the suspicion that I know clouds your world at times
By giving you some faith to hold onto honey whenever your hand is not in mine

Happy birthday darlin’ I’ve no presents no fancy cake
But I hope I’ll make you happy with everything I take

I’d like to take away some of your lonely moments by spendin’ more of mine with you
And I’d like to take away some of those so-so kisses
And replace them with ones that really say I love you
And I wanna take away the doubt you sometimes have about my love
By showin’ more much more that I’ve shown lately
And then if someone should ask you what I’ve got you for your birthday
Well you can say why he didn’t give me anything but he sure took a lotta things away

Watch Happy Birthday Darlin’ below.

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