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Conway Twitty’s “She Needs Someone to Hold Her (When She Cries)” Is So Heartbreaking It Can Make You Cry

“She Needs Someone to Hold Her (When She Cries)” is recorded by Conway Twitty. The song was composed by Raymond Smith and was released in November 1972. This is his first single that is included in Twitty’s album with the same time “She Needs Someone to Hold Her.”

Why Conway Twitty’s “She Needs Someone to Hold Her (When She Cries)” Can Bring Tears To Your Eyes?

It is undeniable that Conway Twitty has done it again. Listening to this amazing song can certainly blow you away. Although this is an emotional song, it has an upbeat melody. Be warned because this song can surely tug at your heartstrings.

Many people have felt the emotion of the song. This is one of the most unforgettable Conway Twitty Songs that you have probably listened to.

The song is a classic story of a woman who packed her stuff and left a note for her man. However, her man is now wondering, “Will someone hold her and love her when she needed it the most.” 

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According to the song, she needs somebody to hold her when she cries. This person must truly understand how she feels inside.

Since she is now heartbroken, she won’t probably stop crying, even how much she wants to, “the tears won’t stop.”

In the end, the man hopes that she can find someone who truly loves her and hold her when she cries. If ever she loves again, then he hopes that this person will always be there to hold her. How sweet is that?

“She Needs Someone to Hold Her (When She Cries)” by Conway Twitty was his ninth number 1 song in the U.S. country chart. For two weeks, it remained at number one, and it was included in the chart for 14 weeks.

If you want to listen to this heartbreaking song, then check out the video below:


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