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Conway Twitty And His Career-Building 1975 Record “Linda on My Mind”

Conway Twitty + Linda on My Mind

Country legend Conway Twitty was known for his signature song formula: infidelity and guilt. It had been a winning combination that earned him success, especially in the early years of building up his career. His 1975 track “Linda on My Mind” was written just like that, and it hit number one and reigned for eight weeks on the chart. 

And here’s a fun fact: the song couldn’t be disregarded as just one of Conway Twitty’s chart-toppers. It was the 12th and also one of his eleven self-penned number-ones

Meaning Behind the Song

“Who is Linda?” one might ask. Well, Conway Twitty kept the mystery surrounding this woman, never revealing if she was a real person or just a figment of his imagination. But it wasn’t Linda’s cryptic identity that generated the buzz around the song—especially the controversies. It was the fact that he had been thinking of Linda while he was in bed with another woman. 

Twitty didn’t beat around the bush, opening the song with a straight-up confession: “Now I’m lying here with Linda on my mind / And next to me, my soon-to-be, the one I left behind.” That isn’t the worst part, though. She’s crying—and he says it’s killing him—because she knows that he’s there, physically, but his mind is elsewhere. 

He then goes on to talk about Linda. He sings of how he placed no one above her and how, in a turn of unplanned events, he set her free. He also reminisces the first time he held her close and she danced with him and squeezed his hand. 

The next verse is a plot twist. Linda is not someone of his past but a person of his present. She is his wife’s friend who has loved him for a long time. She says, “I tried hard to never let it show / But my love for you is stronger / I can’t hide it any longer / And so I thought I’d better let you know.” 

He once loved her, so he’s left wondering about her while his wife is crying next to him. 

Public and Critical Reactions to “Linda on My Mind”

Some found the song morally dubious, as a husband should only think of his wife. He committed to her, and she committed to him, and that promise is something they should always hold on to. As for girls who identify with Linda, there are times when you should speak up about your feelings and times when you should just let go. As for this one, it would’ve been best if she let it go. But she couldn’t, and she had to pay the price along with him for hurting another person. 

Despite the questionable message of the content, no one can argue that Twitty’s sharp and pristine vocals were remarkable. And Carol Lee Cooper and L.E. White’s harmonies made it sound even better. Listen to Conway Twitty as he sings “Linda on My Mind” in the video below.