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Get Intimate With Conway Twitty’s I’d Love To Lay You Down

Conway Twitty’s I’d Love To Lay You Down tells an intimate story of love which has garnered not only praises but also heavy criticisms as well, something that Conway Twitty songs have in common. Conway was no stranger to these controversies with past number 1 hits such as You’ve Never Been This Far Before, I See The Want To In Your Eyes, and I Can’t Believe She Gives It All To Me.

The song which was written by Johnny MacRae initially for Johnny Duncan, was a song about a man’s everlasting promise of love to his partner, reassuring her even though they have been married for so long. Combined with Twitty’s low growl, this song definitely sounded even sexier earning Conway Twitty his 24th number one hit on the Billboard’s Country Singles chart. 

While it received recognition from many female fans, it also amassed a lot of criticisms, even going as far as labeling it as ‘porno country’ as described so by America’s premier radio commentator Paul Harvey. And he wasn’t the only one in this assessment, as several country stations also refused to play the song. This was why the song missed out on very important markets but it didn’t matter anyway as it still earned the top spot on the charts. 

Conway still defended the song claiming that it was not risque at all. He noted to Nashville Banner columnist Bill Hance that he would never release any dirty material. To him, it was a simple song of intimate love and it was the men who looked at it from a standpoint that implied otherwise. 

Conway Twitty’s I’d Love To Lay You Down featured an unusual series of key changes as it progressively lowered in key, unlike the usual standard of upward key changing. In 2002, the song was covered by Daryle Singletary charting the song at number 43. You can listen to the original song below.


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