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Loretta Lynn Sings “Ten Thousand Angels” Wholeheartedly

“Ten Thousand Angels”

This is an inspirational hymn originally written by Ray Overholt. Overholt was introduced to music by his mother, Clara. Thus, when we talk about hymn writers, we believe that they were all believers and true followers of God. However, this song became a platform for Overholt to know God better.

Overholt had experienced hosting a TV program. But then, when he left his job and entered into night circuit. He began drinking alcohol, and his life became miserable. However, as days had passed, he then realized to have a better life than performing in a nightclub. So, after that realization, he told his wife about pursuing to clean up his life and have a better one.

Suddenly, he finds himself writing songs about God. Thus, he started reading the Bibles and highlights all great verses that best describes God. Overholt was at the peak of his career when he started writing the song How Could Have Called “Ten Thousand Angels.”

Ten Thousand Angels, Loretta Lynn

He thinks that He Could Have Called “Ten Thousand Angels” would best suit for the title of the song. One of his co-workers saw his song and when he was asked about the title, he said that the song will not go a long way because he does not like the title.

After finishing the song, he went to the Publishing House and sold his song including the rights, but when the sales began to claim, they give credit to Overholt.

Upon the release of the song, He Could Have Called “Ten Thousand Angels” was nominated for three Gospel Music Association Dove Award. Overholt described this song about bringing him closer to God and he found himself singing in churches.

Overholt became a singer and preacher. During his lifetime, he wrote over 200 songs. Imagine that until the very end of his life, he still managed to sing praises to God.

Loretta Lynn’s Version

Ten Thousand Angels, Loretta Lynn
Via Loretta Lynn’s Official Facebook Page

Loretta Lynn’s Version of the song was released in 1968 from his second gospel album, Who Says God Is Dead! Her album ranked number 44 on the US Billboard chart.

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Loretta Lynn

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