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LeAnn Rimes Lets the Tears Fall During Homage to Patsy Cline

LeAnn Rimes Lets the Tears Fall During Homage to Patsy Cline 1

Last 2013, country music legend Patsy Cline was honored at the ACA’s, courtesy of LeAnn Rimes. Her song number was cast in a simple yet striking filter of black and white to add a classic and timeless atmosphere. Wrapping each line of Cline’s hits, Crazy and Leavin’ on Your Mind with her soulful and strong vocal prowess, Rimes left the audience feeling her genuine emotions in the songs.

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Patsy Cline left the world of music speechless and mourning after her untimely death in 1963. The plane she boarded crashed due to bad weather conditions. It was a tragedy that left a huge impact on her fans. Some people suggest the song Blue, which was Rimes’ very first hit, was written originally for Cline before the disastrous incident took place. Bill Mack gave Rimes the go-signal to record it even though she was still at the tender age of 13.

Remembering Patsy and her Wonderful Musical Legacy

Born Virginia Patterson Hensley she is more famously known as Patsy Cline. She was one of the most amazing country music singers of her time. Also among the pioneering artists for Country music, her immense musical talent also led her to effortlessly switch across and explore multiple genres: the late 1950’s/early 1960’s Nashville sound, country, traditional pop, rockabilly, country pop, honky tonk, swing, and gospel. Cline was also hailed as one of the most highly acclaimed, most influential, and most successful vocalists of the 20th century.

What made Patsy Cline’s singing gain such warm reception from fans and music lovers all over the world? The answer would definitely be the distinct tone of her voice. Her voice rings in a richly expressive combined with an intrepid contralto.

During her teenage years, Cline juggled two jobs—one as a waitress and the other, as a soda jerk at the Triangle Diner. At that time, her father passed away and so she had to stop schooling and work to provide for her family. One day, she approached Jimmy McCoy, then-talent coordinator, and disc jockey at their local radio station, WINC (1400 AM). She asked his permission to let her sing during his show. McCoy gave her the go-signal and thus a legend was born. Cline’s performance instantly made her the darling of the crowd, and it sprang her career to life. What followed was a long string of appearances at local nightclubs, various local radio shows, along with performances in both variety and talent shows. Cline became a regular on Connie B. Gay’s radio show, Town, and Country Jamboree after she impressed young country music icon, Jimmy Dean.

Patsy Cline’s notable albums include Patsy Cline, Patsy Cline Showcase, Sentimentally Yours, That’s How a Heartache Begins and Always. Always was originally going to be named Faded Love, and it also happened to be the final album that the adored singer recorded before her demise. Throughout her career, Patsy served as a great inspiration to many artists, some include LeAnn Rimes and Reba McEntire.


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