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September 23, 2020


September 23, 2020


September 23, 2020

No one could ever miss out on Faith Hill when talking about the top female voices in the country music industry. Faith Hill, the Mississippi Native Star, has solidified her name on top of the greatest to ever step on the pinnacle of the music industry.

Like every aspiring country artist, Faith Hill worked her way up to the ranks. She went from selling T-Shirts at Fan Fair to packaging merchandises for Reba McEntire’s company, to working as a receptionist for Gary Morris’ music publishing company.

After having the right friends and contacts, Hill earned her way to performing at the Bluebird Cafe. She was then signed by Warner Brothers Records. Since then, Faith Hill has produced timeless hits from her duet with Tim McGraw to her traditional hits and glitzy pop smashes. We have listed below Faith Hill’s top singles over the years.

Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me

After officially tying the knot with Tim McGraw in 1996, it was a certain fact that Hill and McGraww will be releasing more duets. Yes, the star husband and wife duo did not disappoint with their first commercially successful duet, “It’s Your Love” which was released under McGraw’s label. It was then followed by “Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me” released under Hill’s record. This single was written by the legendary Daine Warren and was followed by several others through the years.

“Let Me Let Go”

Just five years in her career, but Faith Hill was already at the peak. “Let Me Let Go” sky-rocketed to the top spot of the country music chart and crossed over to the pop charts. The single was also used as a soundtrack for the movie “Message in the Bottle” featuring Kevin Costner.

Piece of My Heart

The remake of the Janis Joplin classic was given a much more countrified version by Faith Hill’s second single. The single went straight into the top of the charts, it was also later recorded for Hill’s “There You’ll Be” album, and was a soundtrack for the “King of the Hill.”

There You’ll Be

Written by hit songwriter, Dianne Warren, “There You’ll Be” was performed by Faith Hill for the movie “Pearl Harbor.” This became one of the biggest international hits for Hill to date.

It Matters to Me

From her second solo album, the title track “It Matters to Me” was just one of the five hit singles that came from the same album. These included “Let’s Go to Vegas,” “Someone Else’s Dream,” “You Can’t Lose Me,” and the single written by Alan Jackson, “I Can’t Do It Anymore.”

Like We Never Loved at All

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have one of the most successful marriages in show business. The Grammy Award Winning song talks about issues of a love that did not survive.

Wild One

After singing her major music deal, the Mississippi Born Star could not have predicted how her life will turn around after her first single. “Wild One” placed a new comer on top of the country and pop music charts during that time.


Without a doubt, “Breathe” is one of the top Faith Hill songs over the years. Being on top for six weeks and winning a Grammy for Best Country Album and Best Female Country Vocal Performance, it also delivered Faith Hill a CMA Vocalist of the Year trophy the following year. The most requested love song is certainly one of the best Faith Hill songs over the years.


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