July 6

Chris Young’s “If That Ain’t God” Hits Home When We Realize How Much We’ve Been Helped

Chris Young’s “If That Ain’t God” debuted on Friday which serves as his first single since “Losing Sleep” in 2017. Young’s faith tune reflects on and celebrates God’s numerous acts of goodness. This was straightaway presented in the song’s opening.

The reflective minds behind the inspirational tune were Matt Roy, Mitchell Oglesby, and Greylan James. Young and the songwriters agree that more often than not, we take for granted the many privileges we’re given. Acknowledging how well the song was written, the singer added that he was even jealous of how he was not able to think of a song with that title on his own.

Faith and Family as His Two “Firsts”

Despite not being so vocal about it, the singer admits that he considers his faith as the “first point of reference” for his being an artist. Correspondingly, he calls his family as the “first line of defense” for every new record that he would be releasing. Young trusts his family’s honest verdicts and with “If That Ain’t God,” they all gave him a thumbs up.

Young also tested how fans would react to his song. In late May, he released a mini version of his single through his social media accounts. The reception was more than satisfactory which further motivated Young to not delay the launch.

As for the rest of his much-awaited album, Young said that it would be a much longer one than his previous. Young has released albums that contained 11 singles and others with 12, but his new album will have more tracks. The singer also apologized for the delay in the release of his new records.

Another Timely Tune

With all the things that have happened to us in the first half of 2020, the release of Chris Young’s “If That Ain’t God” could not be more appropriate. We all could also use a song that can uplift our spirits.

Chris Young could definitely be one of those who have lived the song first hand. The song’s first verse described a person who was just having his simple morning routine and observing the fighting spirit of a child battling with cancer. In 2009, Young’s father was also diagnosed with cancer. He reflected on how his dad has survived the tough battle. Having now the chance to still see him alive and well is something that he does not want to take for granted.

Chris Young’s “If That Ain’t God” is also now available on music streaming sites like Apple, Spotify, and iTunes


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