September 9

Craig Morgan Debuts New Emotional Song at the Opry

Craig Morgan debuts his new song at the Grand Ole Opry. He dedicates it to his son whom he lost due to a tubing accident. He wrote the song just because a fellow Opry member told him to. It was really hard for Craig to write and even perform the song because it is too personal for him.

His performance at the Opry was so captivating and will really make you reflect on cherishing your family while they are still there.

craig morgan, opry
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Craig Morgan at the Opry

It may have been hard for the country singer to perform the song, but he knew the message that it could give to his listeners. In an interview, he opens up about the loss of his son:

“He might not be physically here, but his presence is felt. And he gives me signs all the time. His sports number was 13, and literally, here a while back, I got out of the truck and and there was 13 cents laying on the ground at my door. That’s a Biblical thing, and I feel it.”

The audience was with him when he was performing the song at the Opry. Craig Morgan was just standing there with no instruments, just his voice singing the song “The Father, My son, and the Holy Ghost.”

craig morgan, opry
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Lyrics Breakdown

And minute by minute, day by day, my God, He gave me hope
I know my boy ain’t here but he ain’t gone

One’s loss can be an inspiration to create a beautiful track. The singer made sure to convey all of his angst and pain when he wrote the song. As a parent, one of the greatest fears is not seeing a child grow up. As sad as the track is, it gives hope to those who share the same fate that the Lord is taking care of our loved ones who passed away.

Our faith in the Lord gives us reassurance that the ones we lost are being taken care of. The experience may be heartbreaking but we have to move on for them. We have to be happy because they would not want it any other way.

Listen to Craig Morgan’s new song here:


Craig Morgan

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