July 8

Alabama’s Proud to be “Born Country”

Nothing seems better than growing up in the countryside. The smell of fresh air, nature, children’s laughter, family ties, and a lot more. This is what makes country life such a pleasant way of living. The city has its advantages too but because of the fast-paced life there, we will always crave for something solemn, something recharging to the soul, and being in the countryside is a great idea.

born country alabama countryside
Life away from the city. Photo by Mike/Flickr

Alabama was “Born Country”

Alabama knows that being born in the country is such a wonderful experience and this is seen in their track “Born Country.” Despite not being the writers of the song, we know that the members of the country rock band Alabama all grew up from the countryside. Therefore, this song is strongly attached to their soul and being. “Born Country” shows the pride of one who grew up in the country, from having dinner time with the family to the wonderful sight that nature brings, and falling in love for the very first time.

I was born country and that’s what I’ll always be
Like the rivers and the woodlands wild and free
I got a hundred years of down home, running through my blood
I was born country and this country’s what I love

Since the narrator finds only the good that the country brings to him, he’s certain that this is where he wanted his kids to grow up. He wanted them to experience life there, and make great memories that the big city couldn’t offer. What about you, would you want to raise your kids in the country or do you prefer living in a noisy city?

alabama born country countryside
Alabama. Photo from thealabamaband.com

Chart Performance

“Born Country” was penned by Byron Hill and John Schweers for the band’s second compilation album, Greatest Hit Vol. 2. The single hit the number two spot on the Billboard Country chart.

Here’s Alabama singing how proud they are to be born in the country!



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