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“Just Like Them Horses” Reminds Reba McEntire of Her Dad


Throughout her legendary career, Reba McEntire has indulged us all who loves country music with her timeless hits. Over the years, she has solidified her role as one of the top artist in the industry. Her “Love Somebody” album was nothing short of the great music that we all have been accustomed to hearing from McEntire. But there is this song that had a special place in McEntire’s heart. A song that would always remind her of her dad.


“Just Like Them Horses”

“Just Like Them Horses” is a ballad that was penned by Liz Hengber and Tommy Lee James. While the song was on the process of being prepared for release, Clark McEntire, Reba’s dad, died on October 23, 2014 at the age of 86. A dedication by Reba McEntire was seen on the album where she dedicated it to her parents. She also sang it during her dad’s funeral.

That made “Just Like Them Horses” more than just a track on the album. McEntire openly shared how she felt when she first heard the song. As the song was being introduced to her, McEntire automatically knew that she wanted to hear the song being played in her dad’s funeral. Tony Brown, Reba McEntire’s producer, also found the song as a perfect single and insisted that she include it in her album.


The Music Video

McEntire’s touching attachment to the song was not just evident on the song’s lyrics or how she delivered it. It was also evident on how the official music video was presented. The music video traced back the place where the Queen of Country grew, Chockie Oklahoma.

The emotional ballad was made to bring honor to McEntire’s upbringing in a ranch. But it was not just the features of her hometown that made the video special. Her mom was also featured in it. The decision to include her mom was Reba’s way to show her mom’s role as the binding force in their family.

“Just Like Them Horses” and its music video may contain a lot of things that had great value in Reba McEntire’s life, but the message is surely relatable to everyone especially those who’ve experienced the devastating loss of a loved one. Questions like, “How do say goodbye? How do you say goodbye to somebody who made you, raised you, taught you, disciplined you, loved you?” are just some of the few lines that would definitely bring you close to tears.

Yet Another Song for Her Dad

Clark McEntire suffered a stroke in 2011. His recovery was slow and it even seemed to be a long shot for his age. But he surpassed all odds and lived for another 3 years since being told of his condition in 2011. As expected from a World Champion and a Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame member after being inducted in 1979, Mr. McEntire demonstrated a fighting spirit throughout the period of his illness Eventually, his battle ended on October 23, 2014.

Despite the devastating loss, Reba McEntire did not fail to express her gratitude to the man who had helped her reach what she has accomplished today. She released another single that was especially dedicated for her dad in the same year he passed away.

Aside from the emotional ballad, “Just Like Them Horses,” Reba McEntire wrote “Daddy.” The song revolved around the life of her beloved dad who was a former rodeo champion This emotional tribute sent waves of emotions to all who have listened to it.

Just like Reba McEntire, we all have different memories of our dads. Some may not have met their biological fathers, but there will certainly be men whom we consider as our adoptive fathers. Following Reba McEntire’s example of honoring her father on the day that he died saying that “he will always have a special place in her heart,” let’s also express as much gratitude as we can to the men who first rode the rodeo of life for us to have a better life.