July 30

Juice Newton’s Classic Song and Effective Love Confession


Today’s society is all about the fast lane. Thanks to the internet, almost anything we want can come to us in an instant. Whether it be that Juice Newton’s commemorative coaster you got from amazon or finding the perfect recipe for the best burger, anything can be found because of the internet.

Sadly, the internet has also diminished the value of important things to people, like love. Today, because of apps like Tinder, love comes as a second thought; by simply swiping right we can easily find a partner by the end of the day.  Though there are some successful love stories because of apps like that, we can also agree that these apps are also used for satisfying our momentary desires. More often than not, the best love stories starts by choosing the right words to say, or maybe the right song to sing.

Juice Newton Gives Us the Answer

Juice Newton's Classic Song and Effective Love Confession 1
Credits: Youtube via Screengrab Juice Newton

Juice Newtown and her classic ‘You Made Me Want To Make You Mine’ offer us the perfect and pure words to say to someone we love. I mean who can argue with lyrics like these?

“My heart just cannot wait, I can’t think straight. Just wanna be with you all the time
You make me want you, you make me want to make you mine”


“Each day that goes by, I want to be close by your side. Each time I’m with you I find I just lose my mind
I feel strange, I feel things like, this must be love of some kind”

Juice’s song may have been released in 1985 but her confession of love is timeless. The right words to say may just be the key to starting the relationship in the right way.

The classic country singer lets us find the words we need to say when we suddenly find ourselves lost at the sight of that one person we really love. The song is full of heart, melodic and graceful. Whether you say it in parts or sing it in full, the words that Juice has in her song conveys a pure feeling of love. Truly a classic song for a timeless topic.


Juice Newton, Love Songs, You Make Me Want To Make You Mine

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