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July 26, 2019


July 26, 2019


July 26, 2019

Good news Johnny Cash fans! The official website of the singer ( gets a full makeover, with new information about the artist. This is now the most comprehensive site of the singer and it was all thanks to his son, John Carter Cash.

John said in a statement :

“I am thrilled that everyone who loves my father and his music will now have a comprehensive place to learn more about the man, his life, and his ongoing legacy.”

johnny cash, website
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What is New in the Website?

Finally, we can be able to search more about the singer’s career as the website features all of his songs. It is so extensive that even the chart performance of the singer’s music is included on the website. You can also check some Johnny Cash merchandise while you are scrolling through the site. This will, in turn, keep the legacy of the singer.

The best thing about the relaunching of the site is its simplicity. It is very accommodating for people who are not necessarily knowledgeable on surfing the internet. The most amazing thing about the website is the inclusion of 2300 videos of performances from Johnny Cash. Now that is a website worth checking.

johnny cash, website
via Johnny Cash’s official Website

More Information on Johnny Cash

If what was stated above did not satisfy your need for more information about the singer, here is more. It seemed like the relaunching of the website was a long time project by his son. The site includes all the awards and nominations that the singer achieved in his lifetime. It also has a list of all the tours that he had done and it is quite a lot.

There are roughly around 4300 tour dates from the singer, including solo performances. If you want to look for a timeline about the significant events of the singer, the site also has it for you. Again, the relaunch of the website is extensive and almost all information about the singer is found there. Go check it out.

Listen to one of Johnny Cash’s song here:

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