April 3

How Randy Travis’ Faith Helped Him Deal With Everything

Randy Travis is just one of the few country singers who has successfully combined country hits and gospel hymns. Even today, people would come to them and tell them how they love Randy Travis’ songs, especially his gospel music that has once helped them get through the tough times.

Randy Travis’ wife, Mary Travis, explained that the very reason why such music resonates is that it’s “good for the soul.”

She added that it’s the kind of music that could take you back to your roots of faith and at the same time help you move forward wherever the road will lead you, “knowing that all along God’s in control and we aren’t.” 

And all of these wouldn’t have been possible with their strong faith – the one thing they relied on after Randy’s massive stroke in 2013.

Mary has confessed that they could not have gotten through what they got through without their faith. They’ve spent nearly six months at the hospital, and Randy was in a coma most of those times, yet Mary knew the singer was having a conversation with God.

“We leaned real hard on God. Every day we still do. It’s like they say, ‘By the grace of God, I walk.’ That’s exactly the way we feel,” she said.

Currently, Randy and Mary are spending their time weathering the pandemic at their ranch in Texas. Though Mary said there hadn’t been that much of a transition – after all, they’ve once hit a brick wall seven years ago wherein everything changed, leaving them isolated from everything they’ve known before.

Mary has also shared the good news of how Randy continues making odds-defying progress by the combination of rehab and perseverance. And despite the fact that Randy’s voice had greatly been silenced, Mary revealed that music is still a big part of Randy’s daily life. In fact, the “Forever and Ever, Amen” singer would start wiggling all over the moment they turn on the music.

Indeed, there’s no way you can take music away from Randy Travis.


Randy Travis

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