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Garth Brooks’ Daughter Stuns with a Keith Whitley Hit

Talent runs in the family. And, this is true especially for Garth Brooks and his daughter, Allie. The youngest daughter in the family, Allie is making a name for herself in country music. Well, thanks to her father who has served as an inspiration to her and constant trainer.

Allie Brooks has got her father’s country sound as her vocals are charming, capturing thousands of fans. In fact, her fan base is quickly expanding.

On her official Facebook page, Allie often uploads covers of country songs. Most of her covers lean more toward the classics and music of the distant past. While she enjoys all the songs she records, there is this one song that has become meaningful to her. This song is “Don’t Close Your Eyes,” Keith Whitley‘s 1988 hit.

Garth Brooks Delivers Keith Whitley’s “Don’t Close Your Eyes”

Aside from “When You Say Nothing at All,” “Don’t Close Your Eyes” was one of Whitley’s signature hits. In fact, it became a massive hit after its release in 1988, a year before Whitley passed away. Also, in the same year, Billboard hailed it as the Top Country Single of the Year. Since then, many other artists have rendered a version of the smash hit.

One of those who gave an amazing rendition of “Don’t Close Your Eyes” was Garth Brooks. At the 50th CMA Awards in 2016, Brooks and Trisha Yearwood performed a duet of medley hits. Brooks sang a portion of the song while the camera focused on Whitley’s widow, Lorrie Morgan, who seemed emotional.

Watch Brooks and Yearwood perform a series of medley country songs at the 50th CMA Awards:

Allie’s Favorite Song

In one of her posts in 2015, Allie shared with her followers a cover of her all-time favorite song. It was Keith Whitley’s “Don’t Close Your Eyes.”

Along the post, she revealed what she feels about the song. She wrote:

“This is my ultimate favorite song, and I hope I do it justice.”

Well, based on her performance as posted on her Facebook page, Allie certainly gave the great song justice. The video clip may not be as clear and as stable as it may get, but her voice and its simplicity were highlighted throughout her performance. Effortlessly, her vocals were great as she played her acoustic guitar. Overall, the emotion contained in the song was resurrected by the simplicity and gentleness of Allie’s voice, making you yearn and crave for more.

Check out Allie’s performance of “Don’t Close Your Eyes:”

COVER: Don't Close Your Eyes This is my ultimate favorite song and I hope I do it justice❤️ RIP Keith Whitley

Posted by Allie Colleen on Thursday, November 12, 2015


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