April 10

“All the Proof I Need:” Bryce Mauldin’s Great Debut Single

Bryce Mauldin is a rising country music artist who hails from Webster, Florida. His discovery of the genre happened prior to 2016, at the time his primary interest was racing motocross. It’s something he dreamed of making a career out of it and spent almost all of his life for. That’s why music has never entered his mind. However, things changed come 2016.

Early on that year, Mauldin showed to the world what else he’s gotten other than motocross racing. Releasing his first-ever record called “All the Proof I Need” was a game changer in Mauldin’s career.

Bryce Mauldin, All the Proof I Need
Photo credit: Bryce Mauldin/Official Facebook Page

“All the Proof I Need:” The First Record

Reading the title of Mauldin’s first single, most of us may be left curious as to what the young singer is trying to imply. What is he trying to prove in the song and what are those proofs he has. In an interview, Mauldin did not expound on this but the very brief statement he said about the song is really striking. The lyrics are very timely. It detailed a world that has gone crazy. Despite such, Mauldin remains hopeful that love still exists, and he’s got everything he needs to prove that.

Isn’t it fascinating to record your very first song which speaks of hope and love still being present in a troubled world? The optimistic song was written by Jimmy Yearly and the Warren Brothers.

To find out more about the song, check out Mauldin’s exclusive interview below.

More About Bryce Mauldin

Growing up in a small town of Webster, Florida has greatly influenced Mauldin’s music. It reflects so much of the southern or country lifestyle. When he discovered his interest in country music, Mauldin never dared to look back. His dad was his primary influence on his musical interest. He grew up with him playing guitar and was a huge fan of Travis Tritt, Tracy Lawrence, Gray Allan, and many more. Their music became his inspiration when he began writing his own music in Nashville. Mauldin also shared that he likes the music of Chris Young, Clay Walker, and a blend of the ‘90s country and new music.

You can listen to the song here.


Bryce Mauldin

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