June 13

Real Country, Real Men, Real Love in Gary Allan’s “The One”


With the onslaught of sexualized lyrics associated with today’s love songs, how nice it is to have country tunes we could always fall back into. Besides the older love tunes from our country legends, it won’t hurt to listen to some contemporary country singers beginning from the 90’s. One who did not fail to get in our good book was Gary Allan. A balladeer with a streak of a modern-day outlaw, you can’t go wrong listening to his music.

Here’s one of his romantic ballads to warm your hearts up. Be sure to share it with your “the one.”

The One

The Lost Art of Letting Love Grow Undisturbed

Love was made to be beautiful. It’s just us, corruptible humans, who destroyed this beauty. Doses of commercials and sappy soaps made love into one of those microwavable meals. Sadly, we’ve bought into that lie. No wonder, many end up frustrated in relationships.

Understandably, we’re introduced into the concept of love, but not taught its core values. One worth noting is that it is earned and not demanded. It’s akin to a budding flower. Force it to bloom and you’ll end up destroying it. Worst, it will die the soonest.

Real love could not be forced. It couldn’t be faked, as well.

Point stated, that longing for a love to be reciprocated delivered by Gary Allan’s gritty singing made The One a 2002 hit. It reached the 3rd place on the US Hot Country Songs and 37th on Billboard’s Hot 100. Though it wasn’t him who penned this particular song (Karen Manno and Billy Lee), he’s able to connect to not a few listeners by vocalizing their heartaches.

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