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Do You Also Have “A Few Questions” Like Clay Walker?

Off-stage, Clay Walker is clearly different from the one you see on camera. The second a spotlight hits him, the charming man dramatically transforms into a truly vibrant, dynamic performer. This picture is evident on his “A Few Questions” performances. The song positively captures the energy and high-spiritedness that is always seen in his live performances but is often hard to feel in a recording studio.

Do You Also Have "A Few Questions" Like Clay Walker? 1

“A Few Questions”, Song Facts

Released in September 9, 2003, “A Few Questions” is Clay Walker’s eighth album.The album reached 23rd spot on Billboard magazine’s album chart. The singles in the album, “A Few Questions” and “I Can’t Sleep”, both reached Top Ten on the Hot Country Songs chart. This is Walker’s first album for RCA Records. He had four platinum and two gold albums with the now defunct Giant Records. Aside from “Jesus Was A Country Boy” that stood out in this album, “A Few Questions” particularly stirs emotions. A very powerful note is conveyed in a melodious, uplifting, new way. “A Few Questions” is the first single to be released to radio. It became one of the most added singles on the country charts in the first week of advertisement. It really does not take a rocket expert to understand why. The song itself most likely continues this trend.

What Are Some of the Few Questions Walker Have?

In this song, Clay Walker talks to God and asks questions. He asks God why there are issues happening today. He asks why we are born only to live in a world of war. Walker at some point, also questions the death of some of his loved ones. The feeling that God is unfair fills his mind. To some extent, he admits he may not be there when God filled the ocean and put up the stars. In the end, he realizes that God still answers his prayers even though there are millions of people who are ahead of him in line.

Most of the time we ask the same things as the list goes on in the song. But, know that there is always a greater purpose to all our suffering.

Walker was able to express the song with a subtle urge and tone that leads us through the music. We wish you would enjoy this song and feel Clay Walker’s mesmerizing voice.


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Clay Walker

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