In the grand scheme of things, there really aren’t too many artists that have had hit songs, even fewer are those who have had a #1 hit.  And, beyond that, only a selected few who have had what might be called an anthem for a generation.

K.T. Oslin had an anthem for a generation.

Oslin released a song in 1987 called “80’s Ladies” and while it became a #1 hit song and is today one of the great Country Music Classic‘s, it was more than that for women who were reaching the middle age at the time the song came out.

It spoke to them in a way that only a song can.

Whatever happened to K.T. Oslin?

K.T. Oslin was born in Crossett, Arkansas, but moved a couple of times as a child and considers Houston, Texas her hometown.

Perhaps not surprisingly she began her music career more in folk music than country.  In the early part of her career, she worked with Guy Clark, one of the legendary Texas singer-songwriters (or maybe better said, songwriter-singer).  That led to singing commercial jingles and television commercials.

But it was in 1987, after signing with RCA Records, that the world changed for K.T.  With the release of an album containing ’80’s Ladies’, she won a Grammy and was named the Country Music Association Song Of The Year in 1988.  She went on to chart 15 songs on the national country music charts.

In 1995 she had Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery and essentially retired.  She still does, at the age of 72, make appearances at charity and music-related events.  Otherwise, the never-married Oslin lives in Nashville.

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