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K.T. Oslin

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Throwback To K.T. Oslin’s Final Taste Of Radio Success With The Song “Come Next Monday” 

In 1990, K.T. Oslin released a version of the song she co-wrote with Charlie Black and Rory Michael Bourke. “Come Next Monday” peaked at the No. 1 position for two weeks on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs. There was no music video for this song, but K.T. Oslin had an idea.

Country Music Legends Who Bid Us Goodbye this 2020

Today, we remember all of the country music legends we lost in 2020 and their contributions throughout the years.

Our Dame K.T. Oslin Will Be Sorely Missed

Singer-songwriter K.T. Oslin has passed away at the age of 78. After fighting Parkinson's disease and recently was infected by the Covid-19 virus which was rumored as the main cause of her death, Oslin was announced dead Monday morning, December 21. The official cause of her death has not yet been announced.

What Happened to Country Star K.T. Oslin, the ’80s Lady?

Oslin released a song in 1987 called “80's Ladies” and while it became a #1 hit song and is today one of the great Country Music Classic's, it was more than that for women who were reaching the middle age at the time the song came out. It spoke to them in a way that only a song can.

Remember How K.T. Oslin’s “Do Ya” Gave You The Thrill You Need?

There had never been anyone before in country music like K.T. Oslin when she hit the scene, and there hasn’t been anyone like her since. She instantly redefined what a woman in country music could sing and write about.  By breaking through at the age of 45, she became a voice for her whole generation of women.

K.T. Oslin songs

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