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September 8, 2020


September 8, 2020


September 8, 2020

The King of Country proved he’s still in classic form when he released “God and Country Music” off his 2019 album Honky Tonk Time Machine. And much to everyone’s surprise, George Strait enlisted a very precious duet partner – it’s none other than his adorable grandson George Harvey Strait III; they call him Harvey for short.

Strait was absolutely one proud grandpa.

“It took us several takes,” said George of his grandson’s contribution. “I went in there, and I kinda did it with him, and then I would kinda just back out and leave him, and so that’s how it worked out. But he was all for it. He was all about doing it. He got really involved in that record. For six years old [laughs], that’s pretty good.”

The adorable duo first performed “God and Country Music” during the Houston Rodeo Show in Houston, Texas, in March 2019. The little Harvey, who is his father Bubba’s spitting image, seemed to be unfazed by the thousands of fans who leaped to their feet the moment he held up his microphone.

Although his part in “God and Country Music” came later in the song, young Harvey stood like a little statue as his legendary grandpa kicked off the duet. Without any visible cue from the King of Country, Harvey joined in at just the right time to finish the song with Strait proudly beaming at his protege. The duet ended with a warm hug and a wave to the fans. Harvey then stepped off the stage as confident as a seasoned veteran.

Country Music Is ‘Still Worth Saving’

Written by Luke Laird, Barry Dean, and Lori McKenna, “God and Country Music” centered around a reflection on country music, noting that it is one of two things “still worth saving.”

“There’s always lost in the found and darkness in the I-saw-the-light. It’s living in the small towns in some church and backroad honky tonk tonight. It’s a dance between the sin and the salvation. Come hell or high water, there’s two things still worth saving – God and country music,” the song goes.

George Strait hasn’t changed his approach to the traditional leaning, easygoing country that we all fell in love with since the earliest days of his career. “God and Country Music” features all of the hallmarks of a classic George Strait song, offering a familiar-sounding, yet still refreshing blend of acoustic guitar, pedal steel, and piano all topped off by the warm, rich voice that has powered more No. 1 hits than any other singer in country music history. The result is a can’t-miss track that will have Strait’s fans and all fans of traditional country music celebrating a legend’s return. 

Check out George Strait’s breathtaking performance of “God and Country Music,” featuring young Harvey in the video below.


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