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“Brothers:” A Dean Brody Masterpiece

Brothers are the keepers of their siblings. They teach their siblings how to react when confronted with a stressful or scary situation.

Brothers, Dean Brody, masterpiece

Dean Brody

Dean Brody was born on August 12, 1975, in Jaffray, British Columbia. He moved to Nashville in 2004 to pursue his musical career. He found a music publishing deal and began to focus on his songwriting. His contract wasn’t extended and his U.S. work permit wasn’t renewed after two years. Brody went back to Canada and returned when he learned that Keith Stegall wanted to sign him for Broken Bow Records. He worked with Matt Rovey on his debut album Dean Brody

Brothers, Dean Brody, masterpiece



The song was written by Dean Brody and it was released in October 2008. “Brothers” received positive reviews from critics for its content and stark contrast to other country songs on the radio.

The song peaked at the top 10 of the Radio and Records Country Singles Chart in Canada and number 76 on the Canadian Hot 100. It also reached the Top 30 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs.

The song’s perspective is from a soldier’s brother who looks up to him. He considers him a hero. When war broke, the soldier was called for duty. The boy who is aware of the consequences of the war pleads his older brother to stay. He assures him that he will come back by saying: “This is what brothers are for” to justify his reason for leaving.

The boy never forgets to tell his brother how much he misses him in his letters. The soldier comes home in a wheelchair after two years. Wounded and feeling like a burden, he apologizes to the boy for coming home in that state. The boy answers:

“This is what brothers are for.”

Brothers, Dean Brody, masterpiece

Brody’s way of writing the song is remarkable. He told a soldier‘s story from a different perspective. The song is artistically written and affectionately performed. It evokes strong emotions from the beginning of the song to the end.

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Dean Brody

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