November 22

Dean Brody Shows How Different “Canadian Women” Are

Women have always been an inspiration for centuries. Moreover, they are regarded as symbols of purity, beauty, and affection. Maybe, this is the reason why Dean Brody used women as a theme on his hit “Canadian Girls.”

The Canadian Superstar

Dean Brody is one of the superb superstars who made his breakthrough in 2008 as a country singer. Well, all I can say is that he is magnificent. FYI, this young man won an outstanding 16 Canadian Country Music Association Awards and 2 Juno Awards. I guess no one can top that. Even more, his debut single “Brothers” entered the Billboard Hot 100 dropping at no. 26.

Life was not easy for Dean Brody. They don’t have much and he needs to work for the family to survive. Even more, as a young man, he worked at a sawmill. Hence, this did not stop him to pursue his dream. Subsequently, in 2004, Brody moved to Nashville to pursue his career. At first, luck was not easy to find. Not until 2008, he got signed with Broken Bow Records and got his big break.

The Women of Canada

“Canadian Girls” was recorded and written by the country music superstar Dean Brody. Also, the hit was released in 2012 and was included on his “Dirt” album. Fortunately, it peaked at no. 36 on the Canadian Hot 100. Anyhow, the hit did not reach the U.S. Charts but it was still certified platinum.

Dean Brody did a good job in creating such a masterpiece. I mean, “Canadian Girls” had a positive response to critics. Others say that it’s a good turning point to show the strong side of a woman in our society as an independent person. His hit is really a wake-up call on how we should look at women today.


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