March 21

Stella Parton Speaks Out against Accused Nashville Publicist

Stella Parton has been very vocal with regards to the sexual harassment that surrounds Nashville. And recently, she is speaking out against alleged sexual predator and disgraced Nashville publicist Kirt Webster.

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In November of 2017, former country singer Austin Rick accused him of sexual assault during their time together in 2007 and 2008. The former country singer was a client of Webster and has detailed several accounts of him in unwanted sexual situations with the former publicist.

After that explosive accusation, dozens of Webster’s former employees and clients shared similar experiences of sexual harassment, bullying, and toxic work environment at Webster’s public relations firm.

Despite his PR firm’s scandals in late 2017, he had resurrected his sleeping firm and plans on targeting up and coming and aspiring country artists. 

Stella Parton’s Scathing Response

Parton slams the decision and the social media post. She condemned it as “shameful” and calls for the publicist and other sexual predators still within the walls of the music business to be held accountable for their actions.

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via Stella Parton’s Official Facebook Page

In a recent post made by Parton, she breaks down how she felt about the whole situation, calling out Webster with his action. She also commended both the news outlets who kept up to date with the news and finally the victims who were courageous enough to speak up about their traumatic experience.

Parton had also highlighted the toxic mentality of alleged sexual predators that are hounding the entertainment business.

“Of course, he says it’s not true and acts like he is the victim, just like Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, R.Kelly and the legion of other perverts who prey on innocent young people in our business.“

Parton has been vocal about Webster’s sexual misconduct case ever since it shook the Nashville music industry, especially to the young and up and coming country artists who might be considering working with him now that he has re-opened his business. She remains optimistic that the truth will reveal itself in time.

“The truth will come out eventually. Those who have aided and abetted him and other predators like him are just as guilty. I hope by standing up against abuse of any kind that it will save at least one person from the tragedy of abuse, then it will be well worth the sacrifice. Truth should not come at such a high price.”


Stella Parton

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