July 8

Celebrating Toby Keith’s 58th Birthday with a “Red Solo Cup”

Toby Keith will be celebrating his 58th birthday probably with a red solo cup in his hand. This patriotic country singer was known for his hits “Red Solo Cup,” “I Love this Bar,” and “Courtesy of Red, White, and Blue.”

Toby is also known for his love of the military personnel. In fact, he does a remote tour to military bases all around the world. He had performed for US troops in Bahrain, Iraq, and Kuwait. To know more about Toby Keith, read down below:

toby keith, red solo
Image from Toby Keith’s official Facebook page

Interesting Facts about Toby Keith

The singer had starred in his own movie called Broken Bridges as Bo Price. His role was a little bit similar to his life since he portrayed a fading country star trying to reclaim his spotlight once again. His second movie role was for the 2008 comedy Beer For My Horses. Being a country singer and a movie star is not enough for Toby. He also owns a restaurant that features some of his songs on the menu.

toby keith, red solo
via Toby Keith’s Official Facebook Page

Toby Keith was a huge Merle Haggard fan. He shared that he was inspired by iconic country legends who have paved the way for modern artists. He likes all of Haggards songs and he was the reason why he started to do country music.

Celebrating his Birthday with a “Red Solo Cup”

toby keith. red solo
via Screengrab from YouTube

We all know Keith’s iconic party song “Red Solo Cup.” It is just like any of the contemporary country music out there. It portrays a guy that loves to party with his favorite cup. The singer probably wanted to further widen his demographics by targeting young audiences.

We all know how teens right now enjoy partying and drinking booze. When the song was released, it was loved by music fans that are not even into country music. It became a part of pop culture, and when partying and drinking is involved, be prepared to hear the song.

Happy birthday, Toby Keith!


Toby Keith

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