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Country Singers Who Got Creative in Surprising their Loyal Fans

We are all fans of somebody, so it’s normal to have “celebrity heroes” or “celebrity crushes.” For some, or maybe to most, it’s part of their bucket list to meet in person their idol. They spend hundreds of dollars just to be able to make it to a “meet and greet” or even attend a concert. But there are some people who are just more than blessed to meet their life-time inspirations not just from a seat that is 20 meters away from the stage, but face-to-face.

Over the years, there were several instances where the biggest names in the music industry took the extra mile to spare some time just to meet a super fan of theirs. Here are some of those beautiful moments.

Coffey Anderson Sings Live for a Couple’s First Dance

A newly wedded couple in North Carolina was having best time of their lives. So for the perfect culmination of their evening, there’s an unexpected visitor on standby for the big surprise.

The couple was about to take part in the long tradition for newly weds, the First Dance. Prior to the wedding, the couple had chosen a song which has a very significant meaning for the both of them, Coffey Anderson’s “Better Today.” As the record plays, the bride and the groom started dancing while their friends filmed them. Little did they know that their loved ones have also prepared something for them.

Just a few moments into the dance, the recorded music that was being played suddenly faded. The DJ said that he was experiencing some technical difficulties. But moments later, Anderson appeared from the back of the tent playing his guitar. The couple freaked out along with the guests who were in attendance. Everyone could not believe what they were seeing. Anyway, thanks to Anderson’s help, the newly wed couple was able to finish their first dance.

Anderson was first known through his YouTube song covers. By 2008, his popularity rose over the top with his stint on Nashville Stars. He was one of the finalists where he finished 4th overall out of 12 final acts. He suddenly made noise in the country music industry with ballads like “Better Today.”

Dan + Shay Attends a Wedding

It was not just Anderson who took some time out of his busy schedule just to give his loyal fans the surprise of a lifetime. The famous country duo Dan + Shay also gave the young couple, whom they heard chose one of their songs to be played during their first dance, in Orlando Florida the biggest surprise on their big day.

The duo did not just go to their fans’ wedding with just one song only to immediately leave afterwards. Considering that it’s their special day, they spent some time with the newly wed couple and signed some autographs. And boy, they were really prepared! The duo gave the newly-weds a supply of tickets for their future shows.

The entire event was magical as it was a celebration of a love that would last a lifetime. Dan + Shay also described it as an “incredible experience.”

Granger Smith Surprises Fan At Work

Granger Smith also took off a bit of his time from his busy schedule to surprise his super fan. After the release of his album “When the Good Guys Win,” Smith personally called all the fans who bought his album during the first week to personally thank them.

But for Smith’s super fan, Kristen, she said that it’s her life-long dream to be in one of Smith’s pop-up shows in Ohio but could not do it because she could not skip a day from her job. After hearing Kristen’s story, Smith took a 2-hour drive to hand deliver a CD to his super fan. To her delight, as they stood face to face, Kristen’s face sent a message to Smith which he describes as “we were doing something right.” Well, that’s definitely how some good ole boys win a girl’s heart.

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan took surprising his fans to a whole new level. During the 2016 CMA Music Fest, Luke Bryan spent some time at the Chevy Stage. There, he surprised his fans who participated in his car karaoke. He opened the car’s backseat while two of his lucky female fans, first unaware that he’s just behind them, were seated in front.


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