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Chris LeDoux’s Facts: The Best Cowboy Singer You Never Heard of!

Chris LeDoux was a former champion bareback rider. Pioneered what he calls ‘rodeo rock’n’roll,’ an exuberant, foot-stomping brand of country music. Born on October 2, 1948, in Biloxi, Mississippi. Studied rodeo in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and won a national title after high school. Chris LeDoux was one of the most influential artists of country music. He is considered a monumental figure in the world of rodeo. Superstars like Garth Brooks and Toby Keith cite him as a huge influence on their music. These Unknown Chris LeDoux Facts Will Astound You!

1. LeDoux won the 1976 world bareback riding crown.

LeDoux won the 1976 world bareback riding crown. Throughout his career, LeDoux competed in all three rough stock events. In college, he won the 1969 Intercollegiate Rodeo Association title.

2. The Life of a Rodeo Cowboy

He produced 22 albums on his own label along the road. Even though the productions were sometimes hurried, LeDoux’s performances and the song quality were excellent. Thousands of fans across the United States, as well as a young Garth Brooks, were greatly influenced by those early records.

3. LeDoux was signed to Capitol Records in 1991

When he was signed to Capitol/Liberty Records, he quickly rose above the status of a cult figure and achieved chart success with more Chris LeDoux songs like “Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy” (which featured backing vocals by Brooks) and “Cadillac Ranch.”

4. Chris LeDoux will always be viewed as one of country music’s most influential musicians.

LeDoux has had a significant influence on the music of superstars like Garth Brooks and Toby Keith, who sang a duet with him called “Copenhagen” in the early 1990s. He has also worked with musicians including Charlie Daniels, Johnny Gimble, and Janie Fricke.

5. He is regarded as a legendary figure in the rodeo community as well

Chris’s rodeo career was thriving by 1976, and he was becoming a notable singer-songwriter. The bronze sculptures of a Bull Rider and a Bronc Rider that he created were recognized in Wyoming and Nevada, and he also won the Bareback Bronco World Title. Up until 1984, when a series of injuries forced him to hang up his spurs, he rodeoed with a developing cult following.

6. The very definition of a true, hardworking cowboy

Chris LeDoux wouldn’t want his accomplishment in rodeo or country music to be the only thing for which he would be recognized. In fact, it would be due to his steadfast conviction that family should always come first. LeDoux had five children with Peggy, his wife of more than 30 years, and to say that he was a dedicated and loving father and husband would be a grave understatement. Chris LeDoux’s Facts will be remembered as the epitome of a real, hardworking cowboy.


Chris LeDoux

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