July 30

Are We Worthy of God? Do We Even Deserve To Be?

As Christians, we always do our best to be worthy of the Lord. Be it in worshiping Him, following His words through the scriptures or spreading His faith in ways we can (Much like what I’m doing now).

Sometimes though, we may have that sudden feeling of unworthiness just overcoming us, after all we are sinners, even if we choose to or not. We contemplate whether what we do is enough to show God how much we appreciate Him, is it ever enough? Should we do more?

The answer to both? No, it’s not and no, we need not do more. Now I’m sure you’re asking, “what? So that’s it then? We just aren’t worthy?” and let me tell you that’s not it.

So are we worthy or not?

That’s the best part about all this, despite our shortcomings, we were chosen by God and through His love we have been welcomed into His family. This was also strengthened by the coming of Jesus Christ that through Him we are made worthy.

This is why we worship, not just to keep our faiths going, but to celebrate and be thankful of the fact that we are welcomed by God regardless of our inadequacies.

With that, two gospel songs come to mind that drive home the point of this article: the first being ‘Why Me Lord’ by Kris Kristofferson. Here Kris questions why he deserves all the love and blessings he received, asks for forgiveness and mercy and thanks the Lord for all of it. Truly a song that reminds us to be thankful for being made worthy for the Lord.


The Second song is ‘Love Lifted Me’ written by James Rowe, though most people are probably more familiar with Alan Jackson’s rendition of it. This gospel song lets us proclaim why we are made worthy and yet again thank the Lord for it.

So the next time you feel unworthy, remember God’s love and these gospel songs then start singing away!


Alan Jackson, kris kristofferson

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