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Drew Green Transitions From a Bank Manager to the Next Country Star


He may not be as famous as our run-of-the-mill country artists, but the word in the town is, he is one of the most aspiring and talented artists in McMinnville, Tennessee.

Meet Drew Green. He wrote several songs before he got his first break in landing his publishing deal. He is about to enter a world full of tension and high standards as he begins his transition from a local bank manager to a promising country artist.

Both an Outstanding Employee and Musician

Drew Green works splendidly in a bank. In fact, he got promoted immediately to a manager-in-training despite him enjoying his nights performing in a gig in Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge to express his musical passion.

Even though Green’s future is already secure as he performs outstandingly in his current job, he takes the risk of leaving it for something he will enjoy more; the country music industry, working with big names, and gathering a crowd.

But mind over matter, yes, he is up to it. He’s taking these stepping stones really slow by acting up to be a full-time songwriter. Remember Florida Georgia Line’s 2018 ‘Colorado’? Green co-wrote this song together with veteran song-writers HARDY and Hunter Phelps, and the album in which the song is part of, ‘Can’t Say I Ain’t Country’ which also became their #1 hitmaker.

The Fruit of His Hard Work

Fortunately, Drew Green’s dedication towards music didn’t fail him as he recently received label imprints from label makers Joe Fischer and Brad Margolis on Villa40/Sony Music Nashville. Both of these big names noticed his work and effort in reaching the music industry.

This led to Green releasing two new songs for his new label contract; a debut single titled ‘Little More Be Alright’ and a follow-up single ‘Right Where I Be.’ The MV included a cameo of Danielle Maltby, a contestant on ABC Channel’s The Bachelor. Overall, their work received over three million demands on streams.

No one says ‘nothing better than hard work and dedication’ like Drew Green. In a way, he taught us all to do our best in our jobs yet retain the balance so we can still do what we love. He really must’ve loved working in a bank, but to make your passion as your mainstream source of living is something else not everyone tries to do.

“Just take risks and it is alright to start small,” Drew points out in an interview. But work is something he simply can’t live without. He needs a job where both his passion and hard work can co-exist with each other.