August 2

Brad Paisley’s “First Cousin” Gives Country Ballad A Twist

We all dream of having a fairy-tale-like love story. An ideal first date, first kiss, and everything in between. We become dreamy and excited at the thought of experiencing love, romantically. However, Brad Paisley puts humor on falling in love with the track “First Cousin.”

Brad Paisley as an Artist

brad paisley
Photo Credit: Brad Paisley’s Official Facebook Page

He is known as one of the best contemporary country music artists. According to Billboard, he garnered 7 top 10 hits with the songs “Accidental Racist”, “My Miracle”, and “Crushin’ It.” Also, he is known for his humorous personality that he shows to the public during his concerts and TV guestings. In one of his interviews with Jimmy Fallon, he featured his humorous love song “First Cousin.”

The Humor of “First Cousin”

brad paisley
Photo Credit: Brad Paisley’s Official Facebook Page

The story reflects addressed love gone haywire. Paisley started with a very typical country sound love story. He started with the lines:

“First date, first kiss, first taste of loving.”

With a straight face, he continued singing,

“you were my first cousin”

as the audience laughed out loud. 

Watch more of his performance that will make you burst out laughing:

The Country Songs of Brad Paisley

From humorous songs, Paisley can also write songs that are sensitive enough to touch your heart. “He Didn’t Have To Be” is a song about his best friend’s stepfather. The story goes a long way up until the kid grows old and had his own family. It primarily pays tribute to all great stepfathers who stepped up for the children they claimed as their own. Another country ballad of his is”We Danced” which is a perfect song for a wedding. It is the story of finding the woman of his dreams.

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Brad Paisley

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