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Hank Jr. Joins Alan Jackson on Stage for “The Blues Man” Duet

These days, Alan Jackson is considered as one of the contemporary singers who still cling to the real and authentic country sound. He is one of the most loved country stars releasing a number of chart-topping hits that defined his 35-year-old career. With everything he has achieved, he remains humble and still greatly honors those who came before him. Hence, in 1999, Jackson released an album entirely dedicated to his musical heroes and influences. Interestingly, the result was certainly spectacular.

Under the Influence: Alan Jackson’s Tribute to Country Stars

Featuring covers of George Jones, Charley Pride, and Jimmy Buffett, the album was named Under the Influence to honor those who have influenced his music. In addition to the artists aforementioned, Jackson added Hank Williams Jr.’s “The Blues Man.” Even more, he also released it as a single off the album. The album became Jackson’s eighth studio album and was released on October 26, 1999.

Here is “The Blues Man” as rendered by Jackson:

“The Blues Man:” Alan Jackson & Hank Williams Jr.’s Duet

Originally recorded in 1980, “The Blues Man” was one of Hank Jr.’s singles on his album Habits Old and New. Alan Jackson covered it in 1999, and soon, his rendition peaked at no. 37 on the country charts. However, the most remarkable thing that Jackson did happened during the 2000 ACM Awards.

With his guitar on stage, he started serenading the audience with the Hank Jr. classic hit. The song displayed his great range and provided him the chance to hit some low notes. Soon after his verse, he then introduced the original “Blues Man” Hank Jr. to the crowd. In response, the room was filled with applause and respect.

As Hank Jr. took his turn of the song, Jackson took a step back and gave him the spotlight. These two artists, who are good friends, are just some of the few who still sing good old country. Indeed, high respect shall be given to both!

Check out Alan Jackson and Hank Williams Jr.’s take on “The Blues Man:”


Alan Jackson, Hank Williams Jr.

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