October 18

Willie Nelson Shares Warm Bonding with Sons on Tour Bus

Despite the very successful career that Willie Nelson has built over the years, there has always been one thing that kept troubling his mind—the question of whether or not he had been a great father to his children. Due to the lifelong schedule he had been dedicating to his tours and recordings, Nelson admits “I’ve been gone most of the time. They had their mother there, and I wasn’t there. So there were those situations, but that’s just the way it is.”

Thankfully, contrary to what Willie Nelson believes, his wife, Annie D’Angelo and sons Lukas and Micah think not negatively of his absence. In fact, his sons shared how he has inspired them to forge their own career in music during a documentary with Rolling Stone.

Lately, Willie Nelson has been doing a lot of collaborations with his sons, the most recent of which involves prepping for the release of Willie Nelson and the Boys. This will be the second volume in the series, Willie’s Stash, and will feature classic country tracks sang and played by the legendary artist for his sons while they were growing up.

Willie Nelson and the Boys isn’t the only bonding moment Nelson shared with Lukas and Micah. While the three were aboard Honeysuckle Rose, Nelson’s bus, they spent time discussing their unique and musically fueled family relationship. Willie talks about established household rules with his wife, Annie, while Lukas and Micah fondly remember the time when they got in trouble in school after sharing dirty jokes they got from their dad. Aside from the sweet and nostalgic trip down memory lane, the simple family bonding moment was also filled with acoustic guitar playing and a heartwarming performance of Can I Sleep in Your Arm and Nuages, which was originally played by Django Reinhardt.  The collaboration showcased the amazing and topnotch blending of vocal gifts in the Nelson household.

Both Lukas and Micah have their own bands. Lukas has his country-rock band Promise of the Real, while Micah’s musical influence leans more into psychedelic-folk with Insects Vs. Robots and Particle Kid. Furthermore, Micah credits Red Headed Strangers, his father’s 1975 album for how he was moved to create music of his own. He shares that the album was a punk record in itself, set in the “context of what country music was supposed to be back then: overproduced and shiny and rhinestones and strings. He was breaking down barriers and fearlessly doing his thing…”

It was Nelson’s freewheeling philosophy that shed some guidance into the path they chose to take.

For me, to fearlessly do my thing and be myself, I can’t think of any other way to respect and honor my dad’s legacy.”

It really is magical when music runs in the family. It serves as the vital link that brings together warm memories and keeps their hearts and souls glued together, no matter how distance may pull them physically apart.


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