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“Those Crazy Christians” is Brad Paisley’s Most Important Religious Tune

A lot of mainstream country artists never forget their gospel roots. One of them is Brad Paisley and he surely doesn’t disappoint us when it comes to releasing good gospel music.

Being an active Southern Baptist churchgoer, he knows enough about religion and faith. “Those Crazy Christians” was written by the country icon himself together with Kelly Lovelace.

brad paisley
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Brad Paisley’s Thoughts on the Song

The song was under the singer’s album Wheelhouse, and he released it in 2013. In addition, the album was his 9th release, and Brad Paisley produced it himself.

There was a lot of work that was put into making the album. The singer had to convert his yellow farmhouse into a studio so that he could work day in and night out.

Those Crazy Christians” was drawn from Brad’s cousin-in-law. The singer said:

“I wrote it shortly after my cousin-in-law passed away in 2011. “He was young, and he fought against a debilitating disease. There weren’t five minutes of intensive care that there weren’t at least two church members at the hospital, and I remember thinking, what makes people take shifts for somebody they haven’t known very long? Well, it’s belief.”

The song was inspired by the singer’s awe of his fellow Christians. They were basically strangers to him and his cousin, but they felt like they were treated like family.

That is how crazily devoted some Christians are in helping other people. Thus, the reason for the title of the song.

brad paisley
Photo credit: Brad Paisley’s Official Website

Lyrics Breakdown

Instead of being outside on this sunny afternoon
They’re by the bedside of a stranger in a cold hospital room

The line in this song specifically described what Brad Paisley had experienced. He finds it amazing that a lot of Christians do some ‘crazy’ good things for other people.

This time, supporting his cousin-in-law as he faced a debilitating disease. Brad came to the conclusion that their strong belief in God made them do it. It does not sound crazy if you think about it. Helping out a fellow believer (or even a non-believer) should always be the case because this is what the Lord would have wanted us to do.

Listen to the song here:


Brad Paisley

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