January 19

Tommy Brandt’s “I Believe in Angels” Is A Song Sent from Heaven 

As a part of his album “Hook, Line & Sinker,” American country music performer Tommy Brandt released a song titled “I Believe in Angels” in 2006.

Growing up hearing the hymns of country music, it was not long until Brandt decided to write his own gospel songs when he started his career in 1998.

Some of his most notable works are “Meanwhile Back at The Cross,” “Broken,” “No Turning Back,” and, of course, “I Believe in Angels”.

These songs aim to encourage listeners to live a life centered around family values, undoubtedly bringing them closer to God.

“I Believe in Angels,” in particular, caught many listeners’ attention since, aside from its upbeat vibe to keep the soul alive, this country gospel song’s meaning also conveys an emotional message that would push everyone to have faith in God again. 

Meaning Behind the Song

Written by Tommy Brandt himself, the first verses of the song showcase a man who is lost in the way of life. But one day, when a preacher asks for “lost souls” to come in front, it appears as though a light has guided this lost man to the right path. 

He let this light (which Brandt refers to as “Angels” in his song) guide him despite the million thoughts racing through his head. As he kneeled down his knees, his life eventually started anew. 

Brandt wants us to understand that our desire to redeem ourselves from our sins is only possible due to the help of “Angels,” whom Brandt believes were sent to this earth to guide people to the right path. 

In this song, “angels” protect us from harm and assist us in resisting temptation. Above all, they also serve as a reminder that there is always a place in heaven reserved for everyone (regardless of how grave our sins are, may it be) as long as we are sincere and devoted to redeeming ourselves before it’s too late. 

So, if you want to get inspired to find your way of life, you can listen to Tommy Brandt’s song “I Believe in Angels” below. 


Tommy Brandt

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