September 20

We’re on the Winning Side in Brandt’s “Meanwhile, Back at the Cross”

For such a tough time as what we’re currently experiencing, kindling glimmers of hope through music is one of the least that we can offer.

Here’s ICMAs four-time Male Vocalist Winner, Tommy Brandt and his hope-filled track that just suits the award earned, “Inspirational Country Song of the Year “(2013).

Meanwhile, Back At The Cross

Agree with me or not, but this gospel tune tells it all. More than an inspirational song, Brandt’s “Meanwhile, Back at The Cross” is a timely reminder that in the ongoing battle between evil and good, victory is already ours. Our Lord Jesus has won it for us more than 2,000 years ago. Nevertheless, the battle is not yet over. Though long defeated, cunning as he is, the devil wants us to think otherwise through strings of lies and manipulations. He knows his time is short, hence, his attempts to intimidate and to make us cave in fear.

Tommy Brandt on Being a Christian

In a 2016 interview published by fan-based review site, Critical Blast, Brandt straight-up said that he had nowhere to go except Christ. For years, his life was a mess so he turned to drugs and alcohol. He was as good as dead. God still found him worthy of saving though.

Now, he’s committed to being of use to his Savior through the sharing of his salvation testimony. Since music is an effective and efficient channel, he turned his story into songs.

“I’m living proof that with Christ all things are possible.”

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