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10 Mark Wills’s Songs That Will Make You His Fan 

Country singer Mark Wills has a string of impressive songs under his belt. Though he is still actively doing music and touring around, his name hasn’t quite reached the fame or sales of his contemporaries. More often than not, he’s viewed as underrated in the genre. However, what he lacked in popularity, he made up for a close-knit, respectable following. 

If you’re curious as to how he earned such a loyal fanbase, these ten songs from his discography will speak for it. Give them a listen, and we’re sure they’ll make you a fan of Wills. That is, if you’re not already one. 

Let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Jacob’s Ladder

From: Mark Wills (1996)

The mid-tempo track titled “Jacob’s Ladder” is one of the first songs by Mark Wills. It talks about two people of different social classes – a rich landowner’s daughter named Rachel and a poor farm boy called Jacob – who fell in love with each other. 

While the song’s cross-class love theme isn’t new (and honestly something we’ve heard of too many times), what really hit it for the listeners was Wills’s warm, charming, sweet voice. He definitely knew how to deliver it. 

2. Places I’ve Never Been

From: Mark Wills (1997)

Even if you’re not a country music fan, this song will definitely hit the mark. It’s a very simple love song that talks about how someone could be your whole world and that seeing them and holding them already feels like you’ve traveled to places you’ve never been before. The young generation would probably call this song way too cheesy, but everyone likes a song like this once in a while!

3. I Do (Cherish You)

From: Wish You Were Here (1998)

I Do “Cherish You” is one of Wills’s most popular hits (his third top 10 hit in 1998), and deservingly so. While some call it a generic love song cut from the same cloth as any nineties romantic track, we’d argue that only a few can hit that love-binding spell sound. Wills possesses smooth, tender vocals that caress and melt your heart, making it a perfect dedication piece to your partner or a wedding song. 

4. Don’t Laugh at Me

From: Wish You Were Here (1998)

Sometimes, people can really be cruel. And if you ever find yourself in that situation, “Don’t Laugh at Me” is a good comfort song on how to deal with life in general. In fact, when this CMA-nominated track was released, Wills received a lot of letters saying they identified with his song. 

5. Wish You Were Here

From: Wish You Were Here (1999)

Another ballad from the same album as “I Do (Cherish You),” the song “Wish You Were Here” is an early discography favorite. It’s more emotionally charged, conveying the pain of missing a loved one. But according to Wills, the song isn’t sad. If anything, to him, it’s a “positive, optimistic love song about life after death.”

6. She’s In Love

From: Wish You Were Here (1999)

This song is a total gut punch. It’s a story of a boy and a girl who swear they will still be friends and friends for life even though the girl has already fallen in love with another boy. The boy wished it was him with whom she fell in love, but he knew it wouldn’t happen. So, if you want a good cry over unrequited love, this is it. 

7. Back At One

From: Permanently (2000)

Originally recorded by Brian McKnight in 1999, Wills’s cover of “Back At One” a year later has become quite a tune fans love listening to. That is because he gives the song his country flavor while respecting the original essence. As one commenter said, “I usually hate when country steals from R&B, but this is actually REALLY DAMN GOOD!!!”

8. Almost Doesn’t Count

From: Permanently (2000)

“Almost Doesn’t Count” is another R&B cover song by Mark Wills (originally recorded by Brandy Norwood). Just like his first, this became an easy favorite among fans. The song talked about a laundry list of “almosts,” which was heartbreakingly painful in itself already. Then comes Wills’s vocals that make it even more emotional.

9. Loving Every Minute

From: Loving Every Minute (2001)

“Loving Every Minute” never gets old. That is because the track perfectly encapsulates the feeling of love – breathing like it’s your first breath, time stopping after a kiss, and falling increasingly in love with every minute. While some may think it’s all romantic, it’s actually not. We experience love in every phase of our lives, and it takes on different forms, but at its core, it’s all the same. 

10. 19 Somethin’

From: Greatest Hits (2002)

This up-tempo track “19 Somethin’,” that earned him number one – the longer-lasting of his two chart-toppers –  is a fun anthem of Wills’s early childhood, dating back to the 1970s until the ‘80s. The reminiscent lyrics about Rubik’s Cube, MTV, and Pac-Man paired with a catchy melody made for a good jam on a sunny day. 

So, that’s a wrap on Mark Wills’s songs. We guarantee that after you finish all 10 of these songs, you’ll be a fan of his music. Enjoy!


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