November 7

Ease Homesickness through ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ by Meghan Patrick

When hard times come, there will always be someone who will be singing an anthem that befits what people are feeling. For this year-end, it will be Meghan Patrick reviving Bing Crosby’s 1943 ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas‘ which prevailed in the hearts of many during the height of World War II.

A Song for the Homesick

I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ was penned by songwriters Kim Gannon and Walter Kent. It was presented from a soldier’s point of view who wished to get home for Christmas in the middle of the world war. He wishes to spend one cozy night with the people he loves surrounding him. He also wished for peace to reign in everybody’s hearts.

When Meghan Patrick heard the song in her childhood, she took the song’s lessons with her until she grew up to become a touring artist. The connection to the song felt stronger now that she would not be able to spend this Christmas with her family in her hometown.

She shared in a recent event that what really gets her sentimental is the fact that she remembers how her mother goes out for decorations, food, music, and traditions during the Christmas season. Now that Patrick’s an adult and an artist who has a full-time career making other people happy, Christmas is the only season she annually looks forward to. This 2020 though, she would be spending it alone in her home in Nashville due to travel restrictions.

A Beam of Positivity

But despite the Canadian-country artist not being able to go home, she retains her positive light through her Christmas single. Meghan Patrick happily explains that she would go all-out on nostalgia alone this year. Thus, she further extended ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ to those people who were on the same boat as her.

On the bright side, 2020 has been a year full of achievements and experiences for her when she released two albums and an EP throughout her country-journey. She also had a lot of singles which scored top 10’s in Canadian charts including her ‘Walls Come Down’ which snagged #1.

Meghan Patrick became a back-to-back CCMA Female Artist of the Year winner and a Juno Awardee and got a contract recently in Riser House Records in the USA.


Meghan Patrick

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